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  1. Hi Vitaliy, thank you you so much for keeping me posted. I am still in my 4th attempt and waiting to hear if mortgage has been approved. It has been a long road for a first time investor (and rather deflating I must say) but hopefully it will be positive in the end! I wish you much success with the investment. Margot
  2. Hi - I have recently secured a plot in Manchester through RMP properties. However, our broker through the developer of the development has been having issues with obtaining mortgage offer from three lenders now due to different issues the surveyors raised regarding the development. Not all make sense but not much we can do as the issues are not to do with us and more based on surveyor's point of view of the development itself. in your opinion, is it worth trying with a fourth lender or do you think with three failed attempts, alarm bells should really be ringing and should just pull out even though will lose some amount of fees and reservation deposit? I am concerned that even if we managed to get an offer with fourth lender, in the future it will be difficult to sell as buyers might have same issues with obtaining mortgage. Anyone has has experience in this? I am first time property investor and this whole process has been very demotivating ...
  3. Hi Vitaliy, i am in the exact same boat as you and wondering if you've had any luck as we have been rejected for 3rd time now due to surveyor not wanting to lend because of issues they have with the Manchester development (not us) Will be great to know what your thoughts are as I am very close to pulling out of deal. I am definitely not exchanging until I have an offer in place. Thanks
  4. Thank you all for your wise advice! It is my goal this year to invest in my first BTL so hopefully I will have something to update here.
  5. Hi everyone - I am a newbie to BTL property investment - my husband & I currently own our home in London but am looking for opportunities to make our income grow. My husband is an architectural designer and I am an interior architect/designer. We would ideally want to buy up properties to renovate in London in the future when we have more capital although properties in London are probably saturated. We are therefore looking at buying BTL properties elsewhere that do not need work. We were thinking to start with buying something in Manchester as one can get a decent 1-2 bedroom for very little compared to London prices. However, we are slightly worried by the impact of Brexit and am thinking Edinburgh could be a safer choice since they could have another referendum? What are people's thoughts on that and if anyone has experience investing in Edinburgh? Many thanks in advance.
  6. Hi Eleni, I know David Philips is one of the biggest furniture/furnishings company in UK and they offer different packages. They are prob other names as well but I know DP deals with a lot of developers so it is a trusted resource. I am am an interior designer so feel free to ask me for any further questions.
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