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  1. Really useful, thanks for sharing!
  2. Hi John, Thats the stage we are at right now. I have been analysing close to us based on knowledge of the area rather than a desire to invest here (cotswolds, south midlands). I see it as practising with the numbers in a safe area. The obvious places to focus on seem to be in the North based on the data I am reading (and hearing from the podcasts etc) so I will be turning my search soon to Leeds, Manchester, Stockport, Bolton, Newcastle & York. Cheers Greg
  3. Great prompt. Was already following on twitter but hadn't thought about FB. Now on both
  4. Hi, I presume by letting costs you mean both upfront costs + ongoing management fees (if going down that route)? gas certificate / epc?
  5. Hi Uthman, Firstly good luck in sorting this through in your head - it can be quite overwhelming at the start....we're in the same place! It seems Stephanie has already given lots of good and relevant advice so nothing further to add from me really. The only thing I would suggest (as an activist) is to proceed with a strategy you think is right, find a property you think is the right one for you, and go as far as you can on that journey without actually committing anything. At that point you may feel its right / or not, but this could help you to gain some momentum a
  6. Hi Aaron, Also new to property investment. We are about to get underway in the coming weeks with our first property. I wish you every success, and look forward to hearing about your exploits. Greg
  7. Hi, About to start our property investment journey. Michelle (my wife) and I quit our jobs a year ago following a personal set back and decided to travel the world, something we wanted to do for a long time. It really allowed us to take a pause out of the rat race, take a deep breath and stop and think about where we were in our life. And lo and behold we realised that we had been focussing too much on the traditional criteria of success and not focussing on ourselves enough. We also realised that we had financial freedom within our grasp if we made some radical but common sens
  8. Hi, Been following everyone's progress for a while now whilst plotting our entry into the property investing arena. We are about ready ready to get started now. We've formed a limited company and have a few properties on our radar to look at and potentially bid for. However we we are looking for some recommendations for a good mortgage broker who has experience arranging mortgages for limited companies. We are based in the midlands (just south of Birmingham) and someone local to us would be ideal. Please help, many thanks! Greg &am
  9. Hey, we are complete newbies who are renting our main residential house whilst we take a mid-life gap year. During this gap year, we have read Rich Dad, Poor Dad, and so have decided that a 5 bed house in a premium school catchment area isn't the best use of the assets of two childless people. We have made the decision that we are going to buy a smaller house in a less family friendly place to reduce our ongoing costs. The main residential house has 75% equity due to improvements, mortgage repayments and overall property value increases. Can anyone give any advice o
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