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  1. Hi all, I have heard that once you convert your house to an HMO it will not enjoy as much capital appreciation ( because your potential buyers are only HMO investors) My question is as follows : When you come to sell the house can you cancel the HMO licence and sell as a normal house and thereby widening the pool of potential buyers? Thanks for any input and advice. Charlie
  2. Hi everyone , I have recently launched a property sourcing company based in China and focussing on the UK buy to let residential investment market . This thursday I am meeting with a developer to look at a few potential sites where they have developments . The areas are Bradford street , Smithfield and London square. I would appreciate any opinion on these areas/ streets specifically and birmingham city center generally . What are the 'hot' or coming areas . Our company favors city center ( or nearby ) where we can easily attract young professional tenants . I
  3. Thanks Damien this has been very useful and I really appreciate your detailed response . I think this deal has opened my eyes to Hull as an investment area and the different routes into an HMO . I agree with you that it's best to convert a property into an HMO and keep more equity in the deal than just buy ' off the shelf ' and lose equity stake . Best , Charlie
  4. Thanks Damien , this is helpful . Yes my question is vague because to be honest I was a bit thrown by the RICS method of valuation as I wasn't familiar with it before . I think my concern is that even though the yield looks attractive I am forever going to be stuck with this being an HMO property as it's valuation is done on different criteria than a standard residential property . Ideally what I am looking for is a good yield but also some capital growth as well . I am a cash buyer so it's really the resale figure which is potentially the issue as I will be limited to selling as an
  5. I am looking at an HMO in Hull. The numbers look good - 11% net yield . The asking price is 180,000 but when I look at Rightmove / Streetchecker the highest ever sale on the street is 100,000. The agent says that the seller can provide a RICS approved valuation on request. I am not familiar with this method of valuation . Does anyone have advice . Charlie
  6. I have 600,000 pounds to invest as a buy to let landlord . I am looking in London but can't help thinking there are better returns elsewhere . Any advice welcomed. Charle
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