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  1. This is one I have created for my own sake: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1FkBX1KQarU8KgxhSmJThFc5FMOBnbAxqJrx8rxRgDKw/edit?usp=sharing
  2. I think having a field where it tells you the worth of your property at the end of your term assuming the % increase is kept would be good, so you know that after 5 years, you would have been getting x% ROI as well as y% capital growth. Great idea though, I have also just been using excel sheets.
  3. Thanks for the reply! So I completely understand the capital growth and remortgage scenario you mentioned, but what I am asking is with doing this, so you can continue to grow your portfolio, what length of time would it take to get to these landmarks?
  4. So I know that depending on your strategy and luck to some extent you can make it or break it in property. If I was to take a starting sum of £100k, and want to go for BTL properties, reinvesting any rental money and remortgaging when I can, what is a rough estimate of timeline if I am aiming for passive income, say £1000 pm, £2000 pm and £5000 pm? Are we talking 2 years? 5 years? 25 years? Anyone with an idea of targets and timelines and more experience than me would be good to hear from. Thanks
  5. Looking for someone that I can go through numbers etc with.
  6. How much profit do you aim for in a flip? And is it a % ROI or flat amount?
  7. I am thinking about getting into flipping property and need some help running the numbers. From the numbers I am going off, it is next to impossible to turn profit. Anyone got some numbers they can run through to help me with this?
  8. Thanks for that info, if I could get the survey that would be great. Even if not thats great info to have.
  9. What do you think is the top priority for students when looking for their next years accommodations?
  10. Hi Hufhouse, This is exactly what I mean, especially if a lot of other landlords in the area are doing it, as it is advertising at that point.
  11. I am thinking about doing just that Darren, mostly for students at university. Wanted to see what the general response would be from the landlord side.
  12. Personally no, I have been involved in the letting process though from the landlord side, managing properties etc...
  13. But from the tenants side there is asymmetrical information, I have lived in houses that were shockingly bad, not because of the property, but because of the landlord taking the piss. Assuming that you are a good landlord why would any tenant write you a bad review? Most people don't do things for no reason, it would increase competativeness in the market, which considering on this is maybe not the best thing being landlords, but would be much better for the customer?
  14. But assuming that you are not a terrible landlord, you would be seen as such rather than an unknown.
  15. Would you, as a landlord, be okay with your previous tenants rating the property and your service as a landlord, for new and future tenants to see?
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