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  1. My wife and I purchased a flat in October 2015, which is part of a large block in Leeds city centre. At the time of purchase our solicitor secured the retention of £500 from the previous owner for any additional charges that may be due for the period prior to us purchasing the flat. This was to be given back if not required within six months. The managing agent for the block was changed in 2016. We have always paid all our bills on time and did receive an additional £60 invoice in the early days of taking on ownership of the flat, which we disputed as it was an addit
  2. Hi paddyr, Thanks for your feedback. I'm happy with the mortgages I've found at The Coventry Building Society as they have some of the best interest rates I have found. They are not fixed rates, but are discounted against the SVR for the life of the mortgage. If you are aware of any mortgages that provide an APRC better than 1.7% I would be interested. The purpose of my question is really to understand if I should go down the offset route or not, specifically the offset with the Coventry that has an interest rate of 1.84% discounted for the life of the mor
  3. I'm looking to remortgage to consolidate a buy-to-let interest only mortgage and what is left of the interest only mortgage on my home. I'm considering the following two mortgages and will need to borrow £120,000.1.64% for 10 years (1.7% APRC)or1.84% for 10 years offset mortgage (2% APRC)Both have the same terms and conditions (unlimited over payments etc) and fees of £999.As I'm a freelance contractor working through my own limited company we withdraw £60,000 dividends per year, so could potentially put these into the offset savings account and throughout the year it would be reduced to 0. C
  4. I don't think it's confusing to want more time to search for a new tenant when given notice. At this time of year (November, December) it is more difficult to find tenants, so if a tenant is considering leaving I would rather know 2 months before they leave, than 1 month. This gives me an extra month to arrange for a replacement tenant. Another advantage of a CPT over an SPT is the liability of council tax is with the tenant. The cost of modifying the existing AST contract to be a CPT is negligible. I have already discussed the options with my tenants and they are fa
  5. I appreciate this topic is quite old, but it covers exactly the situation I'm currently in and I feel the answer is somewhat misleading, although maybe things have changed over the last year! The following question was asked: And the response was: Although this is obviously true for a Statutory Periodic Tenancy, there's no reason why a Contractual Periodic Tenancy couldn't be used, which included a 2 month notice clause. Obviously this requires more effort from the landlord/agent to produce the CPT and if an agent charges more fees for t
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