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  1. Hi guys and girls, does anyone have any recommendations for an insurer for insuring a rental 1 bedroom coach house flat. Thanks.ben.
  2. Hi , I've just been in touch with a mortgage broker about remortgaging my old property which is on a consent to let to a buy to let. He says his company only deals with a panel of lenders and not whole of market. his fee is £599. Is it worth looking for someone else? If so do you guys know of any decent ones? Thanks. Ben.
  3. Hi Dennis its completely right what you are saying mate. I think it's just the thought of coming to the end of the mortgages and not being able to sell or the property being worth less - which I know is highly unlikely. Tbh the cash flow that say 4 - 5 properties could achieve on interest only mortgages would be life changing for me as it could enable me to pick and choose when I want to work knowing that if I didnt work my mortgage and Bill's would be covered.
  4. Hi guys, was just wondering if any investors on here opt for re payment over interest only? I like the idea of interest only because of higher cash flow etc... but then In back of my mind i get a nagging voice saying go with repayment and do the responsible thing. I'm finding it quite hard to decide. Any one else feel the same way? Cheers. Ben.
  5. Sounds brilliant mate. Must be nice knowing that whatever happens with work u got that constant income coming in each month to support you and your family. I hate the fact that if I stop working or couldn't work for whatever reason in the future my full income stops. Scary thought.
  6. Yeah that makes sense. Do you feel that having the 3 properties and the profit your making has much effect on your life. Ie more time at home if wanted. Less reliance on income from the day job etc..
  7. Sounds like your doing well! If you could sell and buy another 2 that make profits like your other 2 properties that's over £1000 pm. With a bit of saving up and saving the rental every month bet you could be buying a new property every 12 - 18 month.
  8. Sounds like your doing really well mate. Are you getting a decent return on the 3 properties that you rent out? Do you save the cash from them or spend it? Sorry if I'm being nosey ha ha.
  9. Cheers Matt. All these years hard work and saving are starting to come together. Have you got a few properties yourself?
  10. Hi pal. Yes I'm looking around bradford. Wanting another one in the area idle where i live as got strong fundamentals and a nice place to live. Proberbly only place I would invest in bradford tbh. Was looking at leeds but really expensive. Where are you looking in west Yorkshire?
  11. Hi I'm ben I'm 31 from bradford and really interested in property and the financial freedom it can bring. These are a few ideas and targets of mine and just wondered what you knowledgeable guys thought... I currently rent out my old home which is a 1 bed flat paid 90,000 for it in 2011 now worth 100,000 for 495 per month. I've got 50,000 equity in the property now and my plan is to remortgage in april next year, hopefully release 25,000 to buy another property and put them both on interest only mortgages. I've currently got 40,000 in savings which I'm adding to as often as I can. I'm thi
  12. Hello all. Currently sat in car waiting at work and thinking to myself God I hate this rat race need to get out. Every morning is the same. So many other things I'd rather be doing with my time. Does anyone else feel this way lol
  13. Hi mate do you use interest only mortgages or repayment mortgages and which would you advise. Cheers Ben.
  14. Cheers mate. Nice to hear someone who thinks the same way as me. Though it was me being a miserable sod and constantly just living for the weekend lol
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