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  1. Hello, I am buying a BTL property through a Ltd company. I have the mortgage offer accepted. The lender wants a fixed & floating charge on the company and any future properties bought by the company. Will this be a problem when I want to buy a second property through the Ltd company. The solicitor said this is a standard procedure, but also said there may be a problem when I want to buy a second property. If anybody has any thoughts on this please could you share it. I want to understand what I am getting into. Regards Suhu
  2. Hello David, I am in a similar situation. How much did you pay for the legal advise on the guarantee and who did you use? Also the lenders need a fixed & floating charge on the company. Is that a standard norm and when you go to buy a second property will that be a problem? Any help is greatly appreciated. regards Suhu
  3. LTV 75% Interest rate : 3.95% Admin fees : £995 Have you dealt with them before?
  4. Hello, I am looking to take a buy to let mortgage through a limited company. Got a deal with Paragon mortgages. Then one of the brokers mentioned they are a nightmare to deal with. They take a long time to process and then decline the application. Came across this link https://uk.trustpilot.com/review/www.paragon-mortgages.co.uk which has very bad reviews. Though the rate is marginally better I don't want to get into trouble. Any piece of advise is greatly appreciated. Thanks
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