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  1. Haha, looks like everyone is looking at Leicester. I may have to add this to my top ten, it has the third highest capital growth in the last twelve months. Its third to Edinburgh and Liverpool.
  2. Hi Derek Thanks for answering this for me. It now allows me to rethink my strategy for my limited company purchases. I am working towards both personal and limited company work stream to diversify for tax benefits. Many thanks Lee
  3. Hello fellow investors, If I was to now start purchasing property through a limited company, would I pay that of a second home stamp duty? The reason I ask is that I have BTL already in mine and my wifes name but are we treated as a separate entity or this doesn't count for a limited company? I look forward to your input on this subject. Many thanks in advance Lee
  4. Oh Simon, before I forget will you be able to send me your details? My email address is courtmanlee@gmail.com Many thanks Lee
  5. I agree Mark. Ideally I want them to be separate as they are very much different business and the uses will be very different. My current business provides a current income and my current personal properties cover the passive income. With the secondary company in place then this would mean that I can draw down on the income in retirement..................which is a while off yet but just want to build the foundations now. Thanks again to you all, greatly appreciated. Lee
  6. Hi Simon, Great advice and feedback. Greatly appreciated. Regards Lee
  7. Hello all, Me again and with another question... I have a limited company of eleven years that provides engineering services. I would like to open a second limited company to buy property through. Question is, can LTD1 pay a loan to LTD2? It would all be legit in terms of LTD2 paying interest on the loan from LTD1. My accountants answer to this was to let LTD1 buy property as well as providing engineering services. Not sure on why he thought that would be a good idea, he didn't go into detail. But I would rather they be separate entities as they
  8. Hello everyone! I am a BTL landlord and have been for a couple of years now. I have a huge refurb under my belt and have learnt a lot from that. I am trying to get my head around refurbing a house, get it valued and recycle my cash but hold the property and rent it. The question I have is how quick can you pull your money out? Does it have penalty consequences? And is it a different mortgage required instead of BTL one? I assume and maybe i'll answer my own question here but lets just say I pay £100k for a property with a £25k deposit on a BTL mortage and re
  9. 00mrmark00, definitely not for the feint hearted. If that was in London it would be snapped up pretty quick. needs a few quid spent on it so would be interesting to see what it would sell for when complete.
  10. Hi Eli Politics will always exist and try to put us off but they say buy when their are blood in the streets (not literally). I certainly wouldn't pull out, your buying an asset and not a liability. Your plan is good and is also telling me your in it for the long game as you want to rent your London home at some point. I am sure in that long term your property price will go up and down but the guarantee will be that you are able to rent in all those highs and lows whilst maintaining a steady income. Then when and if prices do drop, maybe buy your next home.
  11. Hi Natasha Just to add, if your part-time then I would put the BTL in your name. One question, the £120k extension and work to your house? Do you need to that now and buy a BTL property? Believe me, the first one is stressful enough. If you run your numbers correctly then you could do the work, increase your properties house price and pull out the money for your BTL. Or just to start and if you don't need to do the extension just yet then I'd start with the basics and manage a BTL to see if you are comfortable. I am not saying don't do flips str
  12. Hi Natasha Welcome to the community. I am also in Construction, self employed and a Senior Project Planner like your husband. There is a number of things you can do, but as Rob and Rob always say its down to what you want to achieve. If its an increase in income for the present, which I doubt by the sounds of it as you are in a higher pay bracket as couple and if its for later in life or retirement then the nest egg of a limited company is the way forward. Whatever the decision, its all about how much you earn in a tax year and the way to contro
  13. I think the Property Podcast has it all, its free and open minded views but makes you think for yourself and any issues can be resolved in the forum. I started with the free property hub courses and used my common sense to. I was close but luckily swerved paying £3k for a Robbie Fowler class as the lady running the free workshop was aggressive and running it down everyone's throats. Put me off but I already was starting out so had an idea about how to buy and manage property but there where people there who didn't have an idea and were put right off for life. Its a shame.
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