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  1. Hi all, I have taken 90k of equity of my current property. But I am in small dilema wether as to how to invest . . . Option 1: buy four properties worth 80-90k, each renting around £450 - £500 pm, but will not be able to recycle the cash as the capital appreciation is poor compare to London. So will be with just four properties until I save up for another property. Option 2: buy 1 in London (where I am based) worth 225k, with rent around £1100 - £12000, doesn't have great yield but better monthly profit and also house prices are escalating meaning I can 'easily' take money out f
  2. This makes so much sense. Thanks Kevin and Kylie
  3. Hi everyone, I have been following the forum for sometime, learnt so much and continue to do so! Please continue the good work, now to my predicament .... I bought my house three years ago for £150,000 it’s now worth £200,000 and have £72,000 mortgage but I am now planning to move in with my girlfriend. We are also planning to start property portfolio. So we want to take equity out for down payment and also change my current home to BTL. But we are not sure whether to take the equity out first and then change it to BTL or we need to change it to BTL first (would 6 months rule apply here be
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