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  1. Hi tibbuuk - Yes certainly does help. Tbh i didnt even think about the effect of the cost of car park upgrades (should it need it) and whether the impact is on all (with or without) The service charge diligence is appreciated, although im fortunate my solicitor picks this up. - However i think i wouldnt have thought about that on my own. Good pointers - Thanks and to ALL - i will revert back on my journey. So its useful for others thinking about Nottingham Thanks Zub
  2. Its in Nottingham, and i've walked around Nottingham. It is pretty easy to get around the town without a car. I am going for the flat for the parking space. It allows me to be flexible on who i rent it to. Its a flat, and if you need a parking space its available. Having spoken to a few agents in the area, they think it would be a bonus for now and years to come. I do like the idea of potentially letting out the parking spot as a separate space. But for now will keep things simple. My objective for this property is capital gain. So im looking initially for a good central location wi
  3. hi Tracey, Andrew - thanks to both for your reply. The flats are both in city centre in the same block. I think writing the post ultimately it makes sense to go for flat B with the parking, as it will be valuable in the city centre in years to come. However not having a parking space either won’t get impact in demand for rent. (I think)
  4. Hello Hubbers, Warm greetings. I am looking to buy either flat A)1 bed flat with 4th floor views of the city for 115k or b) a 5th floor 1 bed flat in the same block that comes with allocated underground parking space for 125k Both same spec, size and condition. The service charge is marginally higher on Flat B at £190 extra per year Flat B also comes with a balcony facing views of the city. Flat A can rent for £600 whilst Flat B could rent for £650. Both would need some light refurb to get it to that standard it would demand. Estimated refurb costing 5-7k My qu
  5. Hi, I always thought the term Skin in the Game meant, that it was about gaining experience by pushing boundaries of your knowledge and competence. Especially when my Executive Director used it in our conversation to give me advice about my career. So when i joined the Property Hub, i thought I'm going to say "Hello" once i have finally bought a BTL / Buy to Sell. So i can say i have now some skin the game. Wooooohooo......until i googled it 5 minutes ago and found out it was a term coined by Warren Buffet, how investors use their own money to invest in the company they are running.
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