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  1. Hahaha fair enough. I have contacted a few but not even had a response! The search must go on!! Thanks Dino
  2. Hello All, Could anyone would be so kind to recommend some tradesman that operate within Liverpool please? I am looking for both one stop shop builders along with individual tradesman. Thank you in advanced, it is really appreciated! Have a great day. Charlie Murray Charlie.Murray@hmproperty.co.uk
  3. Hello All, Straight to the point, could anyone please recommend a good solicitor? I am very close to purchasing my first property Thank you for your time and have a great day! Charlie Murray Charlie.murray@hmproperty.co.uk
  4. I am a 3D MEP coordinator - (Contractor). Model buildings in 3D for construction installation purposes. The modern day draftsmen!
  5. Hi All, I hope this message finds you well Where are you looking to find your properties? There has to be other alternatives to Right Move and Zoopla! Interested to know! All the best, Charlie
  6. Hi All! I hope that this message finds you well. Both me and my business partner are here in Liverpool until tomorrow late afternoon. We want to make the best out of our time here and would like to reach out to potential contacts. We are here to build relationships as we are looking to purchase a number of properties imminently. The right ones of course! If anyone knows of any good contacts or would like to meet up for a casual chat please drop me a line. Have a good day all! Kind regards, Charlie - 07453 962 354