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  1. Thanks Richard email sent. Been looking at your site too. Some good info there!
  2. How do you deal with money laundering compliance when selling property? Who is your MLRO? Can you outsource this function? Is there a special name for a solicitor who deals with this sort of thing? MLRO and Money Laundering Regulations and proof of funds as service/outsourcing search terms are not getting me anywhere
  3. Can anyone help? I have gotten in over my head here. I've been trying unsuccessfully to be a property sourcer as a way of getting out of my job, and been blessed with a deal that seems too good to be true. I'm trying to put it together, I have buyers in the pipeline. (potential other deals too) Vendor needs cash. So I'm looking at bridging loan or similar (buyer can put money in escrow account, so I can buy and then sell. This means I need to deal with Bridging loans, registering for VAT/Stamp duty/SA tax and that is all getting a bit daunting. I have found potential brokers, but
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