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  1. Hi All, This might be (not sure!) for the property investors with more than a few properties. I wanted to know if you held keys for all your property? Are there any disadvantages if you do not hold all of the keys and if the different agent have the keys for each of the property they are managing. Also is there any smart way to look after your keys? Someone informed me there was a master key system so you could have all of your property on a single or few keys but again not really sure what the advantanges or disadvantages would be of this. Thanks for your help !
  2. Hello Roxanne Personally I don't stage my rentals. Why? Because I want the tenants to make it into their home with their own belongings. I think it's great for pictures but for viewing you might get a few people that are really particular and might be put off (just my view) The other reason is I a lazy and would not want the hassle of staging :-)
  3. Interesting one. Have you asked your accountant for their view? I know if you can prove (if required) all your calls are for business then as a business expense you should be able to claim your phone bill. Anyone else have more info?
  4. I would recommend Simon Allen, he is an excellent mortgage broker and he does bridging. He has been most helpful. He is on this forum so you can connect him directly.
  5. Hello, would anyone know how to research the property prices of a particular area for the last ten years? I would really like to see the price trends for the areas I am investing in. If this can be done by post code and type of property then even better. Thanks in advance for your help.
  6. Thank you Kish151. That does make a lot of sense. I think after running them for a year I will have some real data which will allow me to analyse and make a judgment call. 92% is an excellent rate! well done.
  7. Hello all, I wanted to know Iif anyone could recommend a great property sourcing company for the Essex area? Thanks in advance for your help
  8. Thanks Richard, How did you find out about NGU? I assume there are others out there too but it's better to get ones by recommendation.
  9. Hi Jayne I have found a lot of property books that reference JVs but none of them cover the subject in detail or explain the nitty gritty. I need to sign up to the YPN magazine. As you might have heard Rob and Rob have a magazine coming out soon and maybe that can cover it Can you tell me which issues of the YPN magazine cover the topic or email the articles which ever is easier. Thanks for your help thanks for your post
  10. That's an excellent point! I never thought about lost time to make up rent. Over the long term that makes perfect sense. Thank you for your tip. Much appreciated.
  11. Thank you for your reply. The property is in Bolton, on the outskirts of greater Manchester. I like your idea of the dummy advert to see how many viewings I can get. This is something I can easily do and check how the agent is doing.
  12. without going into details it is about the numbers. If your debts are charging you say 5% and your investments are only earning 3%, then pay off the debts. However if you are comfortable with debt at 5% and your intevestments are earning more than 5% then keep the investments... infact use the profit from your investments to slowly pay down your debt work out the numbers and do make sure what ever stance you take you can still sleep without worrying about it
  13. I hope some of the more experienced investors can explain a logical approach to take here I have bought a new build flat and it's been advertised with the estate agent for approximately 6 weeks. I have done my home work so I thought this would let but after 6 weeks it still on the market. Disappointingly the agent cannot tell me how many viewings have taken place or provide any viewing feedback. I have reduced my rental value to be inline with the rest of the properties on the site but now I now feel I need to make another decision..... Do I reduce the rent even further and then sit on
  14. Hi Nick JV in the UK, Sorry should have made that clear Thanks
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