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  1. Really don’t understand this. My initial thought was I couldn’t believe how cheap it was compared to others. Rob and Rob are the good guys in this business. Have given so much time and effort into the podcast, website etc. The free content they have provided over the years has been incredible. I get the location can be an issue for people with travelling and accommodation but you can’t please everyone. To be running this event at break even/ loss is amazing to me, I think you should be rewarded financially for educating people with your knowledge and time. The negative feedback is crazy to me, must feel like a kick in the teeth a bit after giving so much for 7 years and asking for nothing in return.
  2. Hi Dai, Good question and its something a lot of people worry about before their first flip. It is very much possible to refinance as long as the numbers are right and passes the stress test. Make sure you are conservative on your figures before the deal to avoid problems. Also make sure your broker knows exactly what your plan A and B is so he can choose the right products. Always consider the possibility of having to rent out the house in your numbers before purchase, would it still be a good deal? If bought at the right price, and added value in the refurb then no reason why you cant refinance all or most of your money back to go again and still have the rental income each month.
  3. Hi Scott, I guess your aim of enough passive income as you put it is a longer term goal and not something you're hoping to achieve before you go travelling? What income would it take to quit your job and what kind of timeline are you thinking? For me, I would use the 70k to buy 2 houses, BRRR. Get someone to manage them while you are away then once back look to go again possibly drawing some equity out of your house to snowball the process and build your portfolio faster. I'm in South Wales also, currently focusing on getting BTL deals around Neath, Port Talbot area. Great yields and as a Zoopla report showed for market value growth in 2019, both towns were in the top 10. Michael
  4. Simple property calculations - Property Geek 2.numbers No work needed to the property and tenants are already in place. On market for £135,000 but can get for £125,000, maybe could get better too.
  5. Hi Guys, I'm looking for a spreadsheet to use when working out the figures for a new deal. I notice Rob had one on the property geek website https://www.propertygeek.net/complete-guide-extras/?utm_source=drip&utm_medium=email&utm_campaign=Your+"Complete+Guide"+extras BUT I don't think it's available to use or download. Does anyone have one available as I wouldn't know where to start on excel. TIA
  6. How do you feel now about your predictions guys? Just listened to this episode now
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