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  1. Petition “80% Rental income guarantee for landlords. For income lost due to Coronavirus” Click this link to see and sign the petition: https://petition.parliament.uk/petitions/312719
  2. Hi Everyone, I had a tenant who was in rent arrears before the Coronivirus. I served her notice 21 in January 2020 asking her to leave by 22 March 2020. My not paying tenant did not leave the house by the end of this notice (22 March) and I prepared an eviction application which was supposed to go to Court on Monday, 22 March 2020. However the Government changed the legislation on Friday, 20 March 2020 and now as a result I’m unable to get any rent for my property and unable to get rid of the not paying tenant. (please don’t feel sorry for the tenant. She gets paid by her 2 cash jobs and she also pockets housing benefit. She fools HMRC, Council and me) As a result I’m as a landlord on a way to bankruptcy ! This is all thanks to the new legislation that allows my non paying tenant to exploit me for much much longer that she otherwise would. Please help with advice !
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