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  1. Thanks for sharing that link Richard - looks really interesting! Personally Paul, I think turning £200,000 into £120k per annum is likely to take decades, if not longer. That's not to do down your ambition - quite to the contrary, I believe in dreaming big, but don't get disappointed by the realities of the market. If you're making 8% a year on your portfolio (including running costs, maintenance costs, damages etc.), you'd need properties worth about £1.5m. That doesn't take into account taxes on your income, which would push the figure up even further.
  2. Hi Andy, I can't say I've got oodles of experience as a landlord, but as a tenant, I've always far preferred unfurnished properties (white goods only) simply because most landlords supply such cheap, nasty furniture that I don't want to have to live with. As a landlord, I provide unfurnished apart from whitegoods for the additional reason that I don't want to have to deal with wear and tear on numerous pieces of furniture across a property. Ultimately, it depends who you're trying to let the property to. Students will probably want a furnished property, but families a
  3. Hi Challis, Many thanks for getting in touch - my apologies for the incredibly slow reply - I had no idea you'd posted! Is there any way to get an email when someone responds to a thread? I don't seem to be able to contact you via PM, but if you drop me an email at h.t.viola@gmail.com, I'd love to discuss some opportunities in Nottingham. Kind regards, Henry
  4. Hi all, Judging by the date of this post and their number of posters, it doesn't look like Thomas ever came back to the forum after posting this message. It's a real shame, as it's quite an interesting topic. Has anyone that's responded developed a strategy that might have been suitable for someone like Thomas since he originally posted back in April? The last message from Carl is pretty interesting. I'm from Nottingham myself and am looking to grow my portfolio - perhaps you could send me a message and some details of your business? Kind regards,
  5. Hi Emma, I'm in a similar position - mid-twenties and very inexperienced. I've got my first property under my belt, and am looking to grow my portfolio, but am super cautious about tying up too much capital or getting thing wrong. As to seeing so much property 'available now', truthfully, there's an enormous shortage. When you consider the variations people look for on price, location, size, style etc. and then the number of people actually looking, the handful of properties you're looking aren't really as many as you might initially think. I'd recommend meeting a coupl
  6. Hi Conor, I acquired my first property earlier this year and am looking to grow my portfolio further. You sound as though you're being very cautious (which in my opinion is a good thing - you don't want to end up with negative cashflow for a property as it can get painful very quickly unless you have a cash buffer behind you). If I were you, I'd split your money between a couple of properties, making it less likely to have void periods and more likely for you to benefit from capital growth. Keep some of the money aside in case of void periods - with a mortgage of £250
  7. Hi all, I've been a bit of a lurker on the forum for about six months and a huge fan of both the Property Hub and Property Geek podcasts for even longer. Like a lot of people, I've saved up a pot of cash by skimping on holidays, cutting down on eating out, buying in bulk and generally watching every penny. Earlier this year, I acquired my first property in Nottingham - a three-bed family home, close to several schools, sited close to the countryside and within a half hour walk of an enormous shopping complex. I've spent the last few weeks doing the property up - it had
  8. Hi Joceline, I stumbled across your thread and couldn't resist reading the whole thing. I work as a copywriter and although others have said this, I can't resist chiming in too - you've got a real flair for writing! I'm looking to invest this year and it's really inspiring to read about your story. Just reading through this thread has given me so many ideas and pointers for things to consider; I hope I get the opportunity to read more of your posts in future! Best, Henry
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