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  1. I am looking to set up a mortgage on a property owned by my ltd company. I would be privately lending the money and the company would be the beneficiary of the loan and paying the mortgage on an interest only basis to myself. This should not be a company loan as such but a mortgage with security on the one particular property. Has any forum member done this before or does anyone have a good link to a mortgage template maybe or a solicitor who could draw this up? I don't really need or want to go through the whole conveyancing process as the company has just done this with the purchase. I
  2. iainmat

    HMO Yield

    Hi Paul If you are after an estimate, then the above from Marcus is certainly useful. If you want something more detailed, then try breaking down the costs further, getting an accurate picture of occupancy rates in the area and looking to see how much standard refurb might cost – something that you will want to do every few years to keep the property up to scratch. Some other less obvious HMO costs you may want to consider: · Council Tax · Cleaner · Refurbishment · Voids (maybe you base on 90%-95% occupancy · T
  3. Hi All, A few of us from the forum here will be starting a Zürich meetup on January 11 2018. If anyone is interested in joining then please drop me a mail for further details. Iain
  4. Hi All, Nice that we have a good expat based discussion started. @Markus & Alex lets try and meet up in Zurich in November. I can coordinate if you mail me (iainmat1@yahoo(dot)co.uk) Regarding the tax situation, at least here in Switzerland you pay tax based on your worldwide wealth. If this is the same in other countries and you are living somewhere with a high wealth tax then this will be pretty tough!
  5. Hi Markus I am in Zug, so Zürich would be great. I should definitely be able to make that. I can also imagine there are several more investors or potential investors here who would be interested if it gets up and running. Regards Iain
  6. Hi Hufhouse, You can of course keep your original property in your own name and set up a ltd company for further purchases. The properties you own now will be unaffected. As an expat I am also in a very similar position and in a way we are quite fortunate as we have no income in the UK outside property. My plan is to keep buying in my own name until my rental income - expenses (non mortgage) is around £30,000 and only at this point set up a ltd company and buy further properties within that. I cannot see otherwise the rush to set up a company, as the advantage of the co
  7. Hi Rick, I'd like to expand on the point made by Rob B and maybe offer a slightly different perspective and why I wouldn't necessarily go for the 'best' deal. Lets say you find a property which you buy for market value at £100k. You keep this property for 5 years and you bought in a good area where you are getting 5% annual capital growth. In 5 years time it is then worth £127,628. Compare this with a property in a less desirable area with lower capital growth. You may get a property worth £110k at a discount and pay £100k. If prices here rise by 2% / year then at
  8. Yes, I'll be coming over from Switzerland for this years event. So hoping for some good content despite the Robs not being there.
  9. Hi All, I’m new to the excellent forum here, but have been investing in property for 15 years so have a fair bit of knowledge, partly learnt from my own experiences both good and bad (Spain, Bulgaria!) and from the experiences and ideas of others. I left the UK 10 years ago and now live and work in a ‘normal’ job near Zürich in Switzerland. The property market here is very illiquid, laws very tenant orientated and properties very expensive (a 2 bed apartment in the town I live is minimum £700k) with a 20% deposit required. Due to these factors I am focusing my attention again on th
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