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  1. Thanks Andre and Paul for the reply. Apologies for the Late reply I was regularly checking for updates then I had some issues finding the thread and wrongly thought admin had for some reason deleted it. The property was recently taken off the market because valuation was not met, the independent estate agent informed me people were close but he was stubbornly Insisitng on 40k. I felt like I had missed an opportunity and judging by how I felt I knew if I got another chance I would have taken it. so after few calls I verbally agreed to buy the property on
  2. Hello, Would hugely appreciate any points for a beginner from anyone with experience or plans similar to mine. Currently looking at purchasing a property (hopefully) BMV in Middlesbrough, the property is a 2-bed semi-detached listed at offer over £37,000 but stated he expects £40,000 minimum (Poker face?) Situated in a rough area but an area where I grew up, so doesn’t put me off too much. The shell of the house is fine, the guttering and windows are fairly modern, it has a solid garage, running water. The seller stated a new boiler is required and the kitchen units nee
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