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  1. LNPG membership and use magnet to design and supply your kitchen at a contract price.
  2. Hi Ben, I'm guessing you're main solicitor is one on the recommended panel for Paragon? You may find the same solicitor can give you the independent legal advice needed for the personal guarantee. Seems odd but if they give Paragon a call to clarify they'll probably say it can be the same (as long as the solicitor is happy). Could save you finding another firm. Where are you buying in Crewe out of interest? I've invested in Crewe myself, also using Paragon. All the best
  3. Hi Marc, I've found if you're buying cash for example the conveyancing costs to be the same whether personal or Ltd company. If you're using a mortgage it works out more cost effective to go with a solicitor on the lenders panel. They'll act for both you and the lender. You'll most likely have to obtain confirmation of legal advice on the personal guarantee of lending to the company. This will cost you on top and costs vary. The same Solicitors may be able to do this for you, or the lender may insist on separate legal advice. Your broker may be able to advise you on a good s
  4. Hi Tristan, You could try Michael young of EPS Cheshire. He's Gas safe registered and also an NICEIC registered electrician. http://www.epscheshire.co.uk/ Cheers Tom
  5. Hi Ross, that’s really interesting to hear your progress with the sprayer. May I ask which model you bought?
  6. If I've interpreted this correctly, this would be to do with the lender and I guess it is on title as 1 property and not 2 separate flats? If it is 1 property and has 1 kitchen as normal everyone's happy. If it's 1 property and has 2 kitchens the lenders can get a bit twitchy. I think this is to do with if they need to reposes it and sell on an open market it may well limit this. I'm sure if you speak to the correct mortgage broker to set you up it may not make a difference. I would take advice on this and get the correct product for you as you don't want a standard vanilla btl mortgage.
  7. I'm a bit late here but as dino recommened I have used Viewber on a few occaisions now - 1 open house appointment for potential tenants, 2 - house sitting whilst awaiting building control, 3 - property remote viewing. I have to say they do what you ask them to (i have no affiliation!) and have saved me a few times. The remote viewing service was for a potential auction purchase i could't get to view and i got a great HD walkthrought video and pics. I used a document from Rob Dix's starter kit for viewing for an inspection report. It sold for more than I set as a proxy in the end! It's
  8. I've had a couple of ceilings done in our personal property many years ago. Plasterers just PVA'd and skimmed over no problems. I have to say i did remove a couple of ceilings myself (leaking flat roof above!) before realising artex/asbestos possibility. My latter googling was that it is of a low grade asbestos if even present?? As Darren said it's only dangerous when air-borne so no need to inform future tenants. I have a BTL with a corrugated asbestos roof on an outbuilding - works fine and won't be an issue unless needs removing (which i don't plan on doing). Good luck with it all
  9. I think that would make sense to offer as a service and would be intrigued by the prices. Personally just finished refurb and have rewire/new appliances so have not PAT tested. I re-plumbed the property removing any dead-legs in the process. I did complete a Legionella risk assessment myself and make sure tenants are aware of responsibilities (via letting agent). Where are you based? Cheers
  10. Been looking into this a bit recently on a new purchase that would also make a good sized HMO. My conclusion was massive hassle as it's a remote location to me. Check article 4 (if in place)? and run the numbers of rent/voids/all bills/management etc. I do want to go down this route in the future but will probably look towards students
  11. Hi Adam, I've used a great broker recently who sorted me out with my first deal as Ltd co, couldn't recommend him more and also sorted me a good solicitor for remortgage (had to be on lenders panel). Send me a PM if you require any details, also goes for anyone else. Cheers
  12. Hi there, that second to last photo looks the nastiest- rising damp and salt contamination? - was that ground floor pic? The others with the mould, I guess first floor and no central heating also? (normally rads under windows). The upstairs could be a case of central heating/ventilation - maybe a PIV unit to cut down condensation. Ground floor hack of plaster and inject DPC/salt neutraliser/replaster. Not sure RE price but worth getting a few damp specialists in to quote. The cause would be the key thing to find out, e.g you want to make sure you haven't got a le
  13. Cash purchase took 3 months recently! (not what you wanted to hear) but was really due to vendor slowing things RE getting paperwork sorted. I guess it will come down to your solicitor, they may well be able to take out various search indemnity insurances instead of going into things in lots of detail. Could be worth the no fee unless completion option also. I've never bought a repossession but see the advertised offers quite a lot, i'd be interested to know how you get on. Good luck
  14. I have also been doing this (1st one) from a distance (315 miles away). My situation is I work full time (mon-friday) wife is part time and have 2 young children. I bought a property in Crewe in a great location through EA that needed renovation. I've done the vast majority of this myself every other weekend and any time off work i could get sleeping on inflatable mattress. Work has included, complete rewire, install heating, re-plumb, new kitchen/bathroom, full decoration/flooring and re-roofing of the property (I didn't touch this as I don't like heights!). I've used trades as sparingl
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