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  1. Hi Giles Thanks for your message. After some research and looking at properties, I've decided to put buying a holiday let in York on hold. I'm looking at a more traditional BTL in another area where prices are a bit more affordable. However, I have established a small airbnb property management company for York that is going well. I look after 12 listings (including a spare room in my house) with 6 more in the pipeline. This has been helpful to understand holiday letting in York and will no doubt be useful when I eventually do buy a holiday let in York. I think you can
  2. Hi Ollie Thanks so much for your message. I think you are right about York being similar to Edinburgh. 90% occupancy is wonderful, especially on 2 night minimum stay. I manage a few properties for people in York so fully appreciate the work that is involved, and the rewards as well. I appreciate your tips on on holiday letting. I'd love to hear more about your mortgage experience with Leeds. Was it similar to a regular mortgage, more intense, less? I've been speaking to Cumberland Building Society as they have less stringent requirements to Leeds (ie no income requirem
  3. Hello and Happy New Year. My name is Tyler and I live in York with my wife. We absolutely love York and we are interested in buying a holiday letting property here. In addition, we have recently set up a holiday let management company with the main goal of managing people's properties on Airbnb and similar. It's early days but my goal is to grow steadily over 2017 and to buy our first (but hopefully not last!) holiday let property. I'd be interested in speaking to people who already own holiday properties in York about their experiences with holiday let mortgages, occu
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