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  1. Thanks Silv - i've looked at Allagents before - one thing i don't like is that there is a bias towards online agents, i.e. PurpleBricks will get reviews from across the country so it might have 1,000 reviews and 4 stars, which makes it look better than a local agent that might have 5 reviews of 5 stars.
  2. I echo what was said previously, plus a few other things to note: 1. I've been reading articles since 2015 in national news saying that house prices are ready for a 50% fall. That obviously hast happened. While markets go through peaks and troughs, you can lose a lot of money trying to call the tops and bottoms. 2. Prices in areas like the North of England or Wales tend to have more stable rises and falls. The market in big cities tends to be crazy and go up and down a lot. In 2008 the average price in London fell almost 20% whereas in the North it was more like 10%. Ha
  3. Hi Adrian, Are you looking for refurbs/flips or buy to let's? i've bought remotely before and it was a combination of speaking to a few estate agents (what would they market the property for/ do they think it needs any work doing' what has been the feedback of other viewers), doing my research online (previously sold prices on that street, price trends, recent activity, I.e. Is it mostly buys/sells or rentals), lastly when I knew I was really interested I paid £600 for a local RICS surveyor to see the property and prepare a comprehensive structural survey. i
  4. Hi all, I was having a lively discussion with some fellow investors and wanted to hear what people on this forum think. Whether you're a seller or a landlord, how do you choose which agent to market your property? I've had 3 projects with 3 different agents and I can't say I've nailed down a system yet. First, I went with the cheapest, thinking it was good business sense. But of course, you get what you pay for, which I learned the hard way. Then I went for the agent who originally sold me the property - thinking they know the property and how much work I put in re
  5. Hi Marra, Usually there is a window of time during which the council can take legal action (4 years, i think?). Ask your solicitors. If the structure has been up for 10 years, I doubt the council can justify any action. In most cases, getting a retrospective planning permission shouldn't be a problem - and if you need a mortgage on the property, your lenders might insist on it. Is the sewer private or public? You will probably need a build-over agreement with the water company before you can mortgage the house if public. If the sewer is private, then the onl
  6. I am not sure about that. 3.75% p.a. for a peer-to-peer loan? Other peer-to-peer networks (albeit not property) offer around 7%-8%. If i think, a usual BTL can get you as much as 9%-10%, so if they are offering 3.75% it means most of your money is actually going towards paying the different admin fees, management fees, etc. Like with any investment, high management fees are the death of your portfolio. As Warren Buffett says, if you want a no-fuss investment, put your money in a low-cost index fund and let it compound over time.
  7. Hi, Try this site. About halfway down the page there is a Joint Venture agreement template: http://www.property-investment-blueprint.com/free-property-tools.html
  8. Hi Olly, Are you going into business yourself or with others?
  9. Hi Aidan, I hope I can answer your questions, but I am no expert either. There is no substitute to some professional advice, and many tax and legal companies can give you a free consultation. What I found through the process was that for a private company, the range of what you can agree with your shareholders is very wide, and you can add a lot of conditions to the agreement, which will aid you if there is a split down the road. On item 1) - what you can do is stipulate in your shareholders agreement that in the event of death of one of the partners, the sh
  10. Hi Nick, Your builder can sort this out and bill you for it (usually about £200). They will arrange with the council for inspection and I suggest you go down that route as the council will ask quite specific questions which in my experience I've not been able to answer. Unless you are touching the neighbouring properties you won't need planning permission - I am guessing for a detached house you won't be.
  11. hello, The only thing I can think of is visit the below websites - they have podcasts and forums too where you can get specific advise: http://www.self-build.co.uk/ https://www.homebuilding.co.uk/
  12. Yeah I would suggest the Merthyr area, basically the A470 corridor north of Cardiff is very popular and will benefit from new investment into transportation networks and infrastructure which should make it more commutable to Cardiff. I've been buying/renovating in the Pontypridd area, and that seems to have a healthy market. I haven't had a property sit on the market for more than 2 months. I am not really involved in BTL, but it seems like an annual return of 9%-11% is fairly standard around that area.
  13. Hi Abby, Yes, the investment by the Welsh government has definitely had an impact. The South Wales Metro in particular but also investment in rolling out fast broadband etc. I find the demand has increased from young professionals working in the Cardiff area, as the commute time is good and the improved infrastructure means you have decent utilities and other services. Even though areas like Caerphilly have a higher average price at the moment, I feel there is lower scope for future growth there. What I would say about demand is that March and July tend to be the strong
  14. Hi Aidan, Having just written my business plan a few months ago, I can share some of my considerations on this topic. I went into business with a partner where I own the majority stake and he owns a minority. It was difficult planning for an exit because both of us were so excited to start the business, we didn't want to think about how it ends! 1. Death - the first option is obviously family. The best thing to do is make a Will and appoint your beneficiaries. They will simply inherit your share of the business and be entitled to your profits going forward. 2. Sell - if o
  15. Hi Abby, I've been investing in the Pontypridd/Mountain Ash area for the past 2 years. Generally, i tend to buy to sell, because of the high supply of terraced houses needing refurbishment. I've found this a successful strategy, especially as you can buy a decent 3-bed for about 60k. You're right in that HMOs are more popular in Pontypridd and especially the Treforest area. If you look around that train line (Pontypridd/Treforest/Taffs Well) you can find loads of good deals. I would personally stay north of the M4 because the margins are higher. St Fagans/Ca
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