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  1. Hi Dino, thanks for the heads up. I will definitely seek professional advice with this. As you said, I have to consider the long term. My current plan is to reinvest all profits so to incorporate my be the way to go but my worry is how I am going to withdraw the money further down the line. If we buy in our own names then I will definitely look at splitting then heavily in favor of my wife to equalise our salaries. Do you know any threads/posts that have any more information on this? Also can anyone recommend a good Property Tax Accountant I can speak with? Property hub t
  2. Hi hubbers, I was hoping for a little bit of advice. My wife and I are currently looking to buy our 2nd BTL and we are not sure whether to buy in a Ltd company or not. We are both basic rate tax payers and can afford to buy in our personal names and not be pushed into the higher tax bracket providing we equalise our salaries (although we will be close to the 40 percent tax bracket). We are both 27 and I would like to think that in the next 3-5 years we would have had pay rises making us higher rate tax payers (myself more so as my wife is now working part-time). So my question i
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