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    Completed x2 home renovations, now looking to Buy to trade or Buy to let. Currently gathering information
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    Flipping, possible buy to lets
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    Managing own home renovations, interior design and Interior Styling
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    Start flipping houses as a career with possible buy to let portfolio too.
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    Fitness, outdoors

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  1. Hi i was wondering if anyone has a BTL property in a flood risk or previously flooded area and has obtained landlord insurance with flood cover that satisfies a mortgage company when refinancing. My mortgage broker says the building must be covered for flood or they won’t consider a mortgage. im looking to buy the property cash then refinance in 6 months time it will be a single occupancy BTL. Previously flooded once in 2015 and is classed as high risk flood area. (This is my first BTL) I usually flip houses. Most brokers I’ve rang wont cover buildings for flood as it’s go
  2. Hi there History I have got hold my hands up and say I have introduced myself before on here and then been caught up in a Tornado of life/renovation and moving house and haven't been back on the forum, so apologies first of all for not replying last time to anyone who messaged. I really would like to get involved on the forum as I know how much help and information is on here. I am on my third own home renovation and also just completed my third flip/buy to sell property. Last time I was on here I was living in a different area (Oldham) but have now moved closer to family where
  3. Hi everyone, I joined the property hub quite a few months ago but never got around to saying hi (two children and life do that ! ) We have bought and renovated two family homes that we have lived in and are now buying our third. At the same time I have just bought my first investment property at auction last week! arrrghhh ! It used to be two terraces but has been made into one property quite badly I may add! I am looking to convert back to two properties and sell both on. (maybe consider renting one out?) I'm looking to flip the auction property but am also curre
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