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  1. Hi Emaon, Am currently working on a buy to let case for an expat first time buyer. How long have you been an expat for? Regards, Sami
  2. Hello, If your a british citizen, then you should be able to get an expat buy to let mortgage, how ever they usually require you to own a residential or buy to let. Am currently dealing with a case for a Ltd company purchase where their are 2 partners who have shares in the Ltd company. One was a british citizen the other was a foreign national. The foreign national was not allowed to have more than 25% shares in the ltd company in order to fit the lenders criteria. They are first time buyers. Although they don't own any property they had experience as a landlord as they took over the lease for residential and commercial buildings and then sub let rooms out to tenants. Hope that helps Regards, Sami
  3. Hi James, Do I need to go to the same provider that has given me the BTL mortgage or can I go with someone else? No, you do not need to use the same lender unless there is a condition on your Buy to Let mortgage that you must use them for further finance, which is very unlikely. If I do need to go with someone else, is it easy to switch over? If you are looking to buy a second home to live in, then you will require a standard residential mortgage. Your ability to get a residential mortgage will depend on several factors such as your credit status, income, affordability and lenders criteria. Will the fact that I have a BTL mortgage affect me when trying to buy a standard mortgage to live in? It is hard to say without knowing the specifics of your current Buy to Let mortgage. But, generally it will depend on the rental income and mortgage payments on your Buy to Let mortgage as well as the lenders' criteria on the new residential mortgage you wish to acquire. I hope this helps. If you have any further questions, please feel free to contact me. Sami .
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