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  1. Final update: Just spoken to rightmove. They have permanently disabled rss now, so we will have to find a new way to do this. Perhaps email from rightmove -> gmail account -> zapier -> trello? Jamie
  2. Found a solution on the boards here for anyone else needing to find them!
  3. Rob at onemp (https://www.onemp.co.uk/) has got me a deal which no other broker seems able to touch - even my personal financial advisor. It's through my company, not a personal mortgage and is interest only. disclaimer: I haven't gone through with the mortgage yet as my deal fell through, but speak with him and make up your own mind. best, jamie
  4. Hi, Not sure if if no responses means everyone else has it working or not? I still can't see any way to rss- any techies out there? Thanks, Jamie
  5. Hi All, I'm trying to set up an RSS feed from rightmove.co.uk to send (via Zapier) to my new sparkly Trello board (as seen here). I can't find any RSS logo/icons anywhere on the pages. After a lot of googling I read you can simple take your search and add /rss after www.rightmove.co.uk and before the next bit e.g., http://www.rightmove.co.uk/property-for-sale/find.html?locationIdentifier=... to http://www.rightmove.co.uk/rss/property-for-sale/find.html?locationIdentifier=... except that doesn't work either. Does anyone know if righmove have removed/changed the rss feed thing? Thanks! Jamie
  6. Andy, Stuart, Thanks for raising and responding to this post. I have a question, which I think Stuart answers, but for clarity can I check: If I have found a property which is willing to be sold for £60k - due to speed of needing the money, but could reasonably be valued at £90k, could I: agree with mortgage company for BTL mortgage in principle for £90k but take out bridge loan to buy the property at £60k then immediately mortgage, getting my money back and possibly a bit more? Obviously this is an exadurated and simplified model, but is the general concept possible, or would I still need to wait for 6 months? Many thanks, Jamie
  7. Clive, Dave, Just wanted to say thanks to both for raising the subjec and for the link to the series of podcasts. I hadn't considered the LLP or hybrid factor. Like Dave, I'm hoping to buy my first investment property soon. I have just incorporated a Ltd company to use as an SPV to buy my first (and subsequent) properties, but will seek further advice on the LLP question now. Thanks again, Jamie Jimeny
  8. Hi Rob, Thanks for your response. I've been in touch with the Manchester meetup and think the dates just don't quite work sadly. I will be catching up with some of the people who usually attend though, which will hopefully be a great start. Is anyone around the Margate/Broadstairs area willing to meet for a coffee/lunch over the 23-26 weekend? Just be interested to hear peoples successes and/or challenges! Thanks, Jamie
  9. Hello Everyone! I'm a born-and-raised Brit who is currently living abroad and is seeking to invest in property back home... Property History In Nov '13 bought my own home (3 bed 2/3 floor ex-coucil maisonette) in SE3, London over three years ago for £170k. I bought because I needed to live in London and couldn't afford to rent. I remortgaged, in Nov '15 and now have a personal (20%LTV, fixed for 5 years, repayment over 25 years) mortgage with consent to let costing c. £625 pm. It's leasehold, with service charge and ground rent costing approx. £54 pm. Since I moved abroad I have rented for £1550 pm, through an agent (12% charge - fully managed). The property is now worth approx. £240k. Areas of investment interest One of my problems, being abroad, is that I don't have any particular place of interest. I would like what most of us want: BMV with opportunity to add value, high net yield, likely high increase in capital value. I intent to use an agent to let this property, as being abroad it's too dificult to manage/find tennants etc. Future Plans I am currently setting up a LTD Company through which to buy and invest in property. My intention is to re-mortgage the first investment house I buy once I have added value, doing the usual freeing up the money which I have invested to re-use on the next. I plan to continue with this process until I have £5k pm passive income - planning on getting there within 5-10 years. I am open to ideas about commerical conversions and have been reading up on those also - but initially I plan to start with a basic BTL. I will be back in the UK in February/March - in Kent over the 24-26 Feb weekend and South Manchester 4-10 February. If anyone with experience in starting out would be willing to meet me to help me get started over a coffee or some lunch, please do get in touch! Looking forward to contributing to this excellent community, Jamie