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  1. From memory brightpay is limited to three employees. So it wont be something that you can grow far with. There are others that have a limit of 10, but they will typically have other limits such as the number of line iterms on a payslip. You will find that most of the free packages are nobbled in one way or another to ensure that you have to move to the paid version sooner or later. May as well pick a good paid one now then perhaps? Just don't ask your accountant for a recommendation, he/she will say Sage - because it's the only one he/she knows how to use...! (I've been having this
  2. So, there is this: Personally I'm in favour as there are far too many agents frankly abusing renters. I feel that as landlords we have both more choice, change agent, and also more able to negotiate such costs. Thoughts? http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/business-40354019
  3. Buying a property in this country is a nightmare and that’s mainly, in my experience, down to one thing. The solicitor. As a profession I couldn’t be more unimpressed. Who else can take three weeks to answer a two line email and eventually do so, by post….!!! If there was ever a profession that needed an Uber style competition shake up its this bunch. My only advice to you is to badger them, constantly. Be the squeaky wheel. Also before instructing one ask what holiday’s they have booked, they will merrily take your instruction and then disappear the day aft
  4. Remarkable...!! http://www.kentonline.co.uk/maidstone/news/fergus-wilson-bans-coloureds-123028/
  5. I use a chap called Andrew Hemmings - ajhemmingsfs@btconnect.com from www.pointmeto.co.uk - he has a few properties and I agree that experience helps when he does my planning and looks for products for me. Not a million miles from Nottingham, but not next door either really, hours drive for you I guess.
  6. I’ve not encountered that specific wording myself, I regularly see “Attention investors” or “of specific interest to investors” That often seems to mean a sitting tenant or perhaps an issue with the property that will prevent it being easily mortgaged, non-standard construction for example
  7. The longest tenancy I have ever provided is 12 months, I’ve never been asked for anything longer. I can see the benefit to some people (I don’t know what’s so special about families btw?) in having the security of a long agreement, BUT, this goes both ways. “I’m secure here for 3+ years” is the same as “I'm stuck here for 3+ years” isn’t it? Does anyone know anyone that would sign a 3 year gym membership, arguably far less important than the roof over your head and not as big a commitment? Indeed I don’t think that even a 15% discount would sway many to commi
  8. This is the issue with white papers, words like "Incentives" and "Encouraged" absent of specific details on laws, tax changes or whatever are essentially meaningless. ...and here is Mr Pickles using the same content back in 2013 : https://www.gov.uk/government/news/better-tenancies-for-families-in-rental-homes
  9. Is there a single source that lists all selective licence areas? I'm having trouble locating one.
  10. VERY quick first scan: The word "Landlord" appears 12 times in a 104 page document, about housing. About half of the references relate to non private Landlords and half of the half left are somewhat negative in their tone. There doesn't "seem" to be too much in here that's specific to us, other than how it relates to an increase in market stock of course. ...and that's assuming that any of that happens. It never really has so far.
  11. Some light reading for bath night https://www.gov.uk/government/uploads/system/uploads/attachment_data/file/590043/Fixing_our_broken_housing_market_-_housing_white_paper.pdf
  12. "In the Commons communities secretary Sajid Javid said the paper will set out “radical” plans to boost housing supply and will be published in January." OK folks, we have until the middle of this week I think. So, your best guesses (realistic or fantastic) as to what's going to be in this document then? I'll start - Tenants to be allowed to use Landlords own home bathroom if the colour of theirs falls out of fashion...?
  13. Ah, that's a good point, that I was indeed not considering in that way. As it happened there were other issues on closer inspection that caused me to walk away. Cheers for the comments.
  14. Hi John I'm quite focused on Banbury, not at all brave, staying where I know at least a bit about the area. I don't really do risk.
  15. Yes, exactly that Barry. Like you I found that the full management services seemed to be little more than a message passing service, sometimes passing on some truly daft requests from T's that I would have frankly expected them to kick into touch immediately. My T's now have a dedicated email address that immediately pings into my phone. I don't have to respond immediately, but I can if I want. They dont have a number for me, I find that as they have delt with the letting agency initially they still tend to call them anyway..!!!!!! (So they still pass me messages)
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