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  1. Hi All, I've relocated out of UK and want to sell up a few of my BTLs sourced from Property Hub Invest. First one I am looking to sell is in Bradford...does anyone have any good Estate Agents they have used. Thanks, Dan
  2. Hi, I was considering adding my wife to the title of a buy-to-let I have. Does anyone know the tax implications if any? If I gift here half the value is there an CGT or stamp-duty implications? We currently live overseas, and my thought process, was it was better to have her name on the title in case anything happened to me, as well as tax benefits later on if se sell the place to have cgt tax free amount in both names. Thanks.
  3. Hi All, I'm looking for any examples of joint venture or partnership agreements. Thinking about going in on a buy-to-let investment with a partner. Any examples agreements would be appreciated. Thanks!
  4. Thanks Rob for your comments. You say you refinance funds to cover deposits a lot, surely when you do this your cash flow drops? And you are using the power of leverage to increase future capital gains? Unless you are adding paying in cash to the investments as well? I do agree with you the cash flow on the 2nd property is not great, but with conservative assumptions built in, it is still cash flow positive. My thoughts were to minimize any extra funds needed and increase to a second flat in the UK for a longer term hold. (Power of leverage to increase capital gains) I do have funds available for 60% or lower LTV on the 2nd property to increase the cash flow significantly but I'd like that money to work elsewhere. Further thoughts? Again, appreciate you comments.
  5. Hi All and Rob & Rob, Love your podcast and the forum. I have one investment flat in London and considering another. Here are my numbers with pretty conservative assumptions. Would appreciate anyone thoughts on the deal vs. holding steady with the 1 flat. Also welcome any views on buying in London now versus waiting for 2016 and a potential slow down... btw, i'm currently on assignment away from the UK, so the buy-to-let rates are higher for non-residents... Current BTL 2011 Purchase Price = 340k, 20% down + 20k other costs, July 2015 Value = 575k, LTV = 41%, Rent = 2000 PCM, Interest Rate = 3.59% floating (no ERC), Avg. monthly cash flow (after letting fees 5%, management costs 5%, insurance, 10% provisions) = 720 GBP / mo, ROI (w/o capital growth) = 9.9% New Investment 1) Remortgage Current BTL to 60% LTV, same rent and costs above plus remortgage costs, 2 yr interest rate = 3.53% = Cash Flow = 440 / mo, ROI = 2.2% 2) New Purchase = 500k, 20% down + 30k other costs, LTV = 80%, Rent = 2000 PCM, Interest Rate = 4% 2yrs, Avg. monthly cash flow (after letting fees 8%, management costs 5%, insurance, 10% provisions) = 120 GBP / mo, ROI = 1.2% Note ROIs include equity being used. Total out-of-pocket for new purchase only 20k. Again, would appreciate some critiques, etc. Happy to go further into numbers if required. Thanks, DT35
  6. Hi LJP, Follow on question, you said you guys have 7 buy to lets but you are expats. Can you give me any advice on who you obtained the buy-to-let mortgages from? Did you secure them while not in the UK? Thanks
  7. Thanks. Slow response. I decided to have mine valued. Actually helped get me another mortgage anyway. That it was worth the value.
  8. The government announced that it will charge capital gains tax (CGT) on gains made by non-residents disposing of UK residential property, from April 2015. The charge will come into effect in April 2015 and apply only to gains arising from that date. Does anyone know how the value of your property will be determine on April 2015? Should a valuation of your property be assessed around this date? Any recommendations on the best way to do so? Thanks. DT
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