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    I am a professional working in health care who's looking to invest in some assets
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    Ideally would move to HMO, but am open and still learning lots
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    to free up time in my live and to not feel pressured to earn money
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  1. Hello everyone, opinions appreciated! I am based in Leeds have have owned the flat below for 1 year and my tenant has just handed his notice in and i'd like to try my first refurbishment + remortgage. My plan is to resigned the flat and use the space better. I am thinking 3 bedroom 1 bathroom and 1 en-suite with an open plan kitchen / living room . my initial idea is to create an open plan living room / kitchen creating a new bedroom at the top of the living room, remove all common storage areas, (which would extend the bedrooms to give more length and move the corridor
  2. Also when i received my Accountants draft accounts, i don't really understand what a lot of it means or where the money comes from, i.e accruals and deffered income, other debtors, issue of shares. is there a book someone can recommend to me so i can understand these things better? thanks
  3. Hello there, just looking for some advice. Below is what i've been recording in a spreadsheet to keep track of my expenses / income for my own awareness, but also for my accountant. would this be enough if HMRC come knocking, i have the bank statements and receipts online to back up the costs. Does anyone have a better method for this / advice to help me streamline this? Also in purchasing a property can i claim solicitor fee of 1,028 against taxes as my draft accounts have just come back and they don't appear to have claimed this. TIA.
  4. So I've viewed a property which i love however i am concerened by the attached. What are peoples thoughts on this and if i offer what do i need them to send me to insure i don't get stung/ how much ball park would re-wiring a 4 bed cost? Thanks Laurence
  5. Foundation home. I am waiting for my accountant to reply now. Maybe a loan would be good if i could pay off much later to reduce tax when i come to draw mony out...
  6. So i've received the following email which i have to reply to: "We now only require: - Confirmation on how the deposit money will be going into the SPV. If it’s going in as a directors loan please confirm the monthly payments, interest rate and when the full loan amount will need to be repaid. Please note the valuation has now been instructed." I've emailed my accountant to help, but seeing as i know so little about moving money into and out of a SPV i won't know the different options / if my accountant is giving me a bad option. Previou
  7. Oneutilitynill is an example, i just google searched before and don't have any personal expereince with it
  8. Hey thanks for your reply, i've found company's that do bills packages for landlords where you can set an upper limit if which they exceed the company will contact them directly, which is pretty useful so i might consider using a company like that in the future!
  9. Hi Simon thanks for your reply. My Broker did get my money back from them, so have only paid for mortgage broker research fee. I think if i buy ex council again this will be something i research before! What a Pain
  10. Hello, i was wondering if anyone could help me? I own unencumbered at flat worth 83k in a ltd company which is leesehold and ex council.it's in a great location and yeilding well. I'd like to release the equity to invest however have been rejected by two seperate mortgage lenders - keystone and foundation homes both times because there's not enough 'owner occupiers' in the area... basically the council own too many. I was wondering if anyone has any ideas to help me? I think i need some inovative out of the box ideas to try here! Cheers Laurence
  11. Hi there, providing all goes smoothly i am soon to come into possesion of a 4 bed HMO, most hmos in the local area have bills included. I am hesitant to do this thinking they'll be so wastefull and it's a lot of hasstle on my part. Also when i was a tenant i never had bills included. I was thinking of paying for internet only as it's such a delay waiting for that to arive and it can't really be abused. Am i missing a big advantage of having bills included as i just don't get why I'd do that except to compete, however i am confident there are plenty of tenants and lots of demand. Thanks
  12. Hi thanks for your comments. I haven't read through the lease yet as i have a tenant who is looking after the place well, but i am considering it as an option for the future / my next property. Matthew - my flat is in holbeck ex council flat. And that's interesting what you've done re cohost and cleaner to manage, i was thinking of making a proposition to my cleaner. What do you mean by 'leases are quite on the issue'? Thanks Laurence
  13. Hi there i have a 2 bed city centre appartment in leeds which would be perfect for serviced accommodation. Are there any companies that can take over management of this and run it? TIA Laurence
  14. what I'd I'd do is the following -calculate the cashflow currently ( sounds like that's £0 per year) calculate the cashflow if you bought in your ltd company, say for example that comes to 2,000 per tear after tax then your 8k fees will pay themselves of in 4 years so 25% ROI on that investment. Then calculate what your total ROI is with the property including capital if you like. Then calculate what you think you could get with that equity else where for example in the north and if it's much better is it worth your time ect to go for it!
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