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  1. Try Cater Allen, I don't know how they treat expats but you can open a business bank account remotely. They have no account fees but also no interest on money held in the bank. Service over the phone is really good though, Online banking does its job.
  2. If you want to avoid bank account fees, I would recommend Cater Allen bank. You won't get any interest on the money held in the account but you will also not pay any fees.
  3. Hi Daryl, I've been interested in setting up a property investment company as well. Initially, my accountant said it is best to arrange for a loan between companies. I have then asked another accountant for advice and was told it's best to split shares of my consulting company into A and B grade shares. A-grade voting shares would be used to pay a dividend to myself, B grade shares would be non-voting shares which would be used to issue dividends to the property investment company. By transferring money between companies via dividends rather than loan I would be protected in case the cons
  4. Hey Rob, more great stuff from you sounds just too good. Would love to review the book for you. Many thanks Marcin
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