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  1. I suppose this is all dependant upon your location as to why things do not seem to be appearing for you? Where in the UK are you? We are currently finding between 3-5 properties a week in our location. Darren BTS -- BTL -- Lettings -- Sourcing www.fmp-investments.com
  2. I'd get in touch with myself for a chat . Awful plug but this is what I do for my clients and that chunk of money is a great starting pot! Darren BTS -- BTL -- Lettings -- Sourcing www.fmp-investments.com
  3. Best tip I can give (100+ properties purchased)... Photograph EVERYTHING!! In room order. If you are not leaving a viewing with 200+ images then you are not getting enough. I found this has helped me more than anything as you quickly forget a lot after a viewing. I also used to view as many houses as I could, even when I couldn't buy any. Why? Getting into the habit of being in houses and getting used to the experience. Again this has served me really well. Darren BTS -- BTL -- Lettings -- Sourcing www.fmp-investments.com
  4. Good news.... just helps that ripple effect keep on blooming for me in my little pocket outside Manchester. Darren BTS -- BTL -- Lettings -- Sourcing www.fmp-investments.com
  5. Where have you looked and what is it you are trying to find? We have managed to source at least 20-30 properties since March for clients. You just need to look a bit harder when things get tough. The market is also starting to quiet down now everyone has spent their £50k BBL. Darren BTS -- BTL -- Lettings -- Sourcing www.fmp-investments.com
  6. That when everyone else is sat there worrying about what might happen a lot of money can be made. I have made more money through Covid and pushed my businesses further than I did before. Opportunities present themselves to people who can be bothered to find them. Darren BTS -- BTL -- Lettings -- Sourcing www.fmp-investments.com
  7. Nope. Property is a long term strategy and if I see something that works now then it will work next year so why hold off? To me it seems daft, waiting for the crash that may or may not happen. I bought 2 in the lockdown (due to complete soon) and if I see anything else I will continue to buy. I haven't got time to waste waiting, that doesn't make money. Darren BTS -- BTL -- Lettings -- Sourcing www.fmp-investments.com
  8. Hi Matt, Just drop me an email and I can send you some information. property@f-m-p.uk Darren BTS -- BTL -- Lettings -- Sourcing www.fmp-investments.com
  9. As the studio side has been answered I will look at the cash vs leverage question. I personally advise all of my clients to buy on mortgage. This enables leverage (as you say you can buy 2 properties rather than 1) but it also reduces your risk. In March when the world decided to go crazy how would you have personally felt if you had just completed on a property bought with cash? No-one saw it coming. You would be sat there looking at your property wondering if it was going to drop in value (usual headline media scare stories) feeling like you are basically trapped. If you had bought 1
  10. I have a number of HK based clients and we operate just outside of Manchester (about 25 minutes). Also had the Hong Kong Landlord academy get in touch this month about working with us. Manchester is just crazy because every man and his dog is piling into it. The amount of clients that I have who start looking in the so called hot spots and then realise its a waste of time and end up buying better opportunities through ourselves. Once you educate someone and show them numbers on paper they soon realise that the big cities are not the only places in the UK where someone can make good mon
  11. Hi Have you considered looking slightly outwards of the usual areas? we operate 25 minutes from Manchester and have found that prices and returns are amazing as it is an area not being bombarded with investors. I think sometimes it is worth looking slightly outside the box as there are some fantastic opportunities out there. Darren BTS -- BTL -- Lettings -- Sourcing www.fmp-investments.com
  12. Morning Michael, Your issues are something that I work with on a daily basis with my clients. I operate 25 minutes outside Manchester and have sourced 70 properties in the last 2 years for my client base. We are able to offer a full hands off option where we can renovate and then manage properties for our clients. Have you considered looking slightly outward to avoid the wild west of price war bidding in the major locations? Quite a number of my clients have started out looking into the areas you mention and have then bought through us once they realise the other opportunities that are
  13. How was your experience with Liverpool? I have had a lot of clients who started their searches here and have then decided to move outwards where they can achieve growth as well as decent rental returns. Are you playing a capital growth game or looking for income? We operate around 25 minutes from Manchester and have a nice sweet spot of affordable properties as well as very good rent returns. Added to this we are seeing rises in values from the Manchester bubble. Sometimes it is worth thinking outside the box and not following the masses. Darren
  14. Hi Anil, Sometimes it pays to also think outside the box. A lot of my clients initially tried to dive into the "hot spots" that you mention above but found that everything was very pricey and most purchases involved some sort of bidding war. Anyone you speak with talks about these areas, so as you can imagine prices are just going crazy. We operate 25 minutes from Manchester and are finding that we are having capital value rises, its just that no-one discusses these areas because they simply are not sexy. It's great for myself and my clients as we are buying away and making some fanta
  15. 70 properties in and we have only had 1 issue for a client which was resolved. It's quite easy to negate around this and hardly something that I personally see as an issue or barrier to entry. It's just about using some common sense like most things in life. Darren BTS -- BTL -- Lettings -- Sourcing www.fmp-investments.com
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