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  1. Hi Guys, This is probably going to be posted in the wrong place so can an admin please move if so. Does anyone have any recommendations for letting agents in Cardiff? I'm considering using Belvoir as they appear to have good reviews on All Agents, however, the reviews are from a long time ago! Does anyone have any experience using Belvoir? Any help/suggestions would be great! Thanks, Ieuan
  2. Unfortunately I am unable to attend next week - I was originally going to be attending but am having to head up North Wales for work! I will definitely be attending the next one! Sorry should have been a bit clearer - no I won't be looking to remortgage for the full amount. I have some money saved up and will probably be looking at around 70-75% LTV. Now I'll need to decide the best way to do this as an individual or as a company... I am currently very close to the higher tax band and the potential rental income will likely push me over the threshold. Lots o
  3. Hi All, Not sure if this post is in the right place however..... I am new to the forums and relatively new to the podcast also. My girlfriend and I will be attending our first Cardiff meet next week, looking forward to meeting everyone in the South Wales area! I'm sure we'll be able to get plenty of advice then but we're just trying to get a bit of a head start. A bit of history. I currently own my own apartment and to purchase this apartment I made use of the governments help to buy scheme. However, my girlfriend and I have now decided we are
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