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    Currently investing in St Albans and looking to expand in other areas .. Liverpool .
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  1. Hi DMac Tooth has settled and better now thanks... Yes I had my meeting yesterday and it was very very eye opening and informative.... there was a lot to digest and I am going to post what I know over the weekend... the Hybrid LLP is a legal set up and I will explain more on my next post do you already hold BTL property
  2. Hi My actual meeting on the 22nd had to be cancelled due to myself having to have root canal treatment work done on a tooth that day as i damaged it whilst skiing. I have rescheduled for Thursday 6th April and will update this chat on what i find out at that meeting regarding the setting up of Hybrid LLP and if they firstly are a workable and viable set up and finally are they working within the current rules on Tax avoidance schemes etc etc.... regards Clive
  3. Hi everyone I'm looking for advice of how to finance a possible new build development on our existing home. we currently live in stalbans Herts in a detached bungalow, this is set between 2 existing houses and our thoughts are to knock Down the bungalow as we are on a big plot of 60 feet wide x 300 feet deep and build 2 detached or 2 semi detached properties. 2,200 sq ft each we have spoken to the local planning portfolio holder/ councilor and he would support either option above. we currently have a £180,000 mortgage on this property and its current
  4. Hi Jack From a floppy point of view it would be advantageous to be a partnership as you will be able to take advantage of any CGT before being liable for any tax on profit you make on the buying and selling. I think around 11k each. with regards buying to rent they is a lot of talk regarding placing future BTL purchases within a ltd company but you should take prof advice with regards you personal situation before doing so. good luck Clive
  5. Hi Paul / kris it sounds like shear negotiation and push for as much as possible i agree Paul that cheap is not always best and you get what u pay for. But this is about getting the property let for as little as poss but getting the best exposure and result ........which is letting your property. Ill take on board all your comments in my future property rentals regards clive
  6. Hi Rob B Thanks for the welcome and the advice. we are taking further professional advice from a tax adviser on the issue of how to structure our new venture in Liverpool and I'm really glad i joined the forum as its a great platform to chat to other like minded investors. best Clive
  7. Hi Jac Listen to this property voice link below and I think it will open your eyes to the way in which you can set up and be more tax efficient. It takes 48 mins but well worth it. http://www.thepropertyvoice.net/property-financing-raising-saving-money-tax-efficient-business-structures-s3e15/ let me know your thoughts regards Clive
  8. Hello everyone I would be interested to know if anyone on this forum has started a Hybrid LLP to buy and run their portfolio. or is actively exploring and thinking of doing so.. kind regards Clive
  9. Like Paul and Rob confirmed no one size fits all and its up to the individual to make the decision to go with what helps them comfortably sleep at night, this forum is perfect place to speak to other like minded people. I too may decide to go down the SPV route but I've always believed that you should explore every avenue before you jump in. I will of course post my findings after my meeting with Tony Gimple on 22nd March. Good Luck withe you BTL s regards Clive
  10. Well worth a read this just confirms my thoughts about LLP set up going forward. http://www.ansteeco.co.uk/good-idea-set-limited-company-buy-let-portfolio/ the interesting bit is st the end . best Clive
  11. Morning Jamie Glad you found the podcast interesting... having personal BTL's ....I too had set up an SPV which has sat dormant whilst I found the right areas to invest in... Because of all the new tax issues having them in my own name Thinking I was all set up to go I decided to just search a little on forums and found this GEM. I want to buy and build on the portfolio and take a passive income at some stage...doing it under a SPV will assist this as all profits can be left in and reused to buy further properties without paying any additional tax other than Corporati
  12. Dave I've had BTL property for several years now and think I know most things ....how wrong can I be . i was geared up to go down the SPV route with the chancellors reduction in MIR. On listening to the podcast 3 times now to fully digest the info it's very clear to me that we need to be looking at an LLP to allow us to take a passive income very tax efficiently indeed allowing us to transfer so called pleasure over to the LLP for use of our existing properties and then withdrawing tax free capital return each year up to the total gross value of our portfolio before any
  13. Thanks Paul will take that on board when negotiating rates once we are ready to start letting. regards Clive
  14. Dave OMG what an enlightening podcast.... It's was totally relevant to my situation and whilst I've thought the way to go forward is and SPV company I'm now swayed towards a Hybrid LLP Co. Thanks again for putting me onto this.. kind regards Clive
  15. Thanks Dave I will take a look at the podcast.... Are you actively looking and buying property ? It seems that which ever way you turn there's a dam TAX at the end of it. Cheers Clive
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