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  1. Thanks JJ_Investor - appreciate the reply. I will let you know how it pans out for me. Cheers Craig
  2. Hi JJ, Hope you managed to get all set-up? I am in Australia and thinking of setting up a limited company in the UK with the view to buying property in the UK. Did you have any issues (apart from setting up a bank account) with this? Are there lenders out there willing to lend to you? Any help will be greatly appreciated. Cheers Craig
  3. Hi John, If you start hitting some roadblocks - get in touch and I will share some of my experiences with you. It certainly wasn't easy to set up - but now that I am all set up - its seems to be really smooth (touch wood). Good luck!
  4. Hi ChristopheD, Actually I found HSBC to be good. I only needed to upgrade my account to an advanced account and the mortgage application process was fairly painfree. I ended by a BTL in Wrexham. Cheers Craig
  5. Hi Chris, Sounds like a mid cycle wobble - probably reporting about the state of the London market. For me, we should the opposite of what is getting reported by the mainstream media. So if they are reporting tough times ahead, it's code for go out an buy because the time is now. Once they start reporting a boom ahead, stop buying because we are in for a tough times. Guess I am a little cynical. cheers craig
  6. Hi Kevin, Thanks for the detailed response - much appreciated. I guess for us we were thinking: Lets say the market value is 70k. The family member is willing to sell to us at 50k. We exchange contracts and change the property titles/ deeds over to us. We carry out a refurb on the property and the market value is now 100k. We refinance and extract 50k to pay the family member. All within 6 months. Wondered if that was possible? Craig
  7. Hi, A question: We have a family member who is willing to sell us their property for a big discount. The property needs some work. Problem is we do not have the funds at the moment to buy the property. With some creative thinking had a thought that perhaps we can buy the property with a clause in the purchase stating that the family member would receive the money after say 6 months. Is this possible? This would give us time to carry out the refurb then remortgage and pay the family member their money. This been done before? Thanks Craig
  8. Hi Kevin, The purchase price is 83k. Cheers Craig
  9. Hi All, Time for another update. John Charcol have been a huge disappointment - the remortgage (although taken 5 months to complete) went through ok. However, I was using funds from the remortgage to buy another property through RMP. I spoke to my broker at John Charcol and sent him all the details of the property I was interested in purchasing. He came back to me and gave me the big thumbs up to proceed. After having everything accepted and paying my deposit and fee's everything looked rosy. Four weeks later the broker phones me to tell me that I cannot get a mortgage for the
  10. Yes forgot to mention - once you have qualified then you still have to pay the monthly fee ($35) as well - although the benefits are worth the monthly fee in Oz. check out www.hsbc.com.au/1/2/hsbcpremier/get-in-touch
  11. Thanks Amit! No exactly but to get a premier account in Aus you need to meet the following criteria: Min of AU$500k in loans or; Min of AU$200k in investments or; Combination of above. For me that means switching my mortgage - cant think of another way?
  12. I agree Amit - I think that the HSBC is the way to go - my only issue is that I would have to change my Aus property to HSBC and would incur lenders mortgage insurance over here since my LTV on my house in Oz is just over 80% - the insurance ends up being around A$20k.
  13. Hi Jim, The interest rate from John Charcol is 5.39% LTV 65% with Saffron BS. HSBC is the way to go - the only issue I have is that I would have to change my Aus mortgage to HSBC and incur Lenders Mortgage Insurance as my LTV on my house is just over 80%.
  14. Hi Nicola, Check out my post on the same topic in this forum "BTL Mortgage from Australia". I have gone through the same process and have learnt a great deal along the way. Craig
  15. Hi All, Just thought I would give a quick update on where I am with this remortgage of my UK property whilst living in Australia. It has taken awhile but Charcol have come good and I have a mortgage offer and am currently trying to complete. So great news. But I have found out the best way to remortgage or get a mortgage if you are living overseas (Australia). Rob Bence mentioned to me that his clients use the HSBC. I looked into this and if you are able to set up a premier HSBC account in the country that you live in then HSBC will allow you to use their mortgage services in th
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