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  1. I've been doing the same over the last few weeks. Plan to increase significantly over the coming weeks months. I invest in ETFs, Vanguard VWRL. This is my long term investment anyway as i put in a monthly amount and will do for the next 30+ years so its very much long term so at the moment i'm seeing this as a really good opportunity to get some bargains! This wont return big short terms gains. I've also put a bit into few airlines, particularly Easy-jet and BA, in anticipation of a government bail out, this is more of a risky gamble than an investment so wont be putting much in. I was c
  2. Hi All, Looking for an app to manage my portfolio of properties. Currently i only have 3 but by the end of the year this should have doubled. Looking for an app that i can store all properties details in, give me notifications when rents are due, fixed mortgage terms are up, log repairs, insurance renewal dates and details etc. Does anything like this exist? Thanks Matt
  3. @conrad_paton thank you for the recommendation i just spoke to her , really helpful!
  4. Hi All, I have two properties on BTL mortgages and looking to remortgage and move them into limited company, id like to take advantage of multiple dwelling tax relief, to do this do i have to move them at the same time or within certain time frame? How does this work with regards paying the stamp duty? Do i pay then claim back? Any help would be much appreciated. Thanks
  5. I'm looking at investing in an apartment in Liverpool, being sent lots of off plan apartments for the Baltic Triangle area, whats everyone's thoughts on over supply? Never been to Liverpool but looking at Google and going round the Baltic Triangle area there doesn't appear to be much there? Is there a high demand for apartments in this area given that it looks like an industrial area with the odd nice bar/restaurant? Has anyone worked with RW Invest or Elite Realty Invest?

    HMO vs. BTL

    I'm in the same boat as i'm also an Expat and have been comparing the pros and cons of HMO Vs BTL. 100% agree with what Conrad has said above, i would also add; Potentially higher tenant turnover in HMO - Letting agents (well the ones i was researching in Leeds) will change about 200GBP+ every time they need to find you a new tenant. Letting agents charge 12% + VAT min to manage - This is again based on Leeds prices but i expect Liverpool is the same... HMOs need furniture Buildings insurance is more The caliber of tenants i would say is not as good in HMOs as it is i
  7. Hi All, Does anyone have an excel sheet that i could use to compare a couple of ready made HMO deals i'm looking at? Thanks
  8. Hi All, I'm looking at purchasing a HMO which has the following note in the description; In article 4 area but has grandfather rights. Council are happy to give a license for 5 bed HMO Formerly 2 flats and a smaller HMO, due to grandfather rights no planning permission was necessary to convert to 5 bed HMO If i were to buy this property would the grandfather rights be transferable to me as the new owner or would they end and i potentially may need to seek planning permission for the 5 bed HMO? Any help and advise much appreciated. Thanks
  9. I live in Bradford, i would recommend the following; Bingley: excellent train links to Bradford centre and Leeds (20mins on train from Bingley to Leeds via Shipley), lots of nice bars and restaurants so high rental demand, might struggle at 100k but there are some that pop up. BD16 post code. Crossflats/Riddersden: Crossflats is next stop on train line from Bingley so has excellent links to Bradford/Leeds and is only 5min bus ride to Bingley town centre Allerton: Excellent links into Bradford centre, relatively cheap houses, i bought a 3 bed semi there there for 90k 18 months ag
  10. Hi, Did you guys invest in Crewe in the end? If so how did it go? Hows the rental market there? When i look on Rightmove etc there looks to be a very high volume of rental properties near the centre, is the market saturated? Considering investing so would appreciate any advise. Thanks Matt
  11. Hi All, Please could somebody advise me on how i can recycle my cash out of buy to let purchases being an expat. From the research that i have done the lowest house value i can get BTL mortgage on being an expat is 75k. Therefore i was thinking of the following strategy to enable me to purchase cheaper houses and recycle my cash; Buy one house roughly 35k cash, then in a few months time buy another approx. 35k cash, then group together under a portfolio mortgage and take all my cash out. Please could someone advise if this is possible?
  12. Hi All, Please could somebody advise me on this strategy with using a portfolio mortgage. I plan to buy one house roughly 35k cash, then in a few months time buy another approx. 35k cash, as I am an expat the lowest value house I can afford to buy using BTL is 75k therefore I would not be able to buy cheap houses using a mortgage. I therefore plan to buy 2 houses cash then group together under a portfolio mortgage and take all my cash out. Please could someone advise if this is possible?
  13. Hi Darren, would you mind if i contacted for this spread sheet as this info is something i really do need at the moment. Thanks
  14. Did they pay market rate for the rent or was it reduced but offered on a longer term contract? Thanks for the info tho, really helpful!
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