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  1. Hey Guys, Its been a while since I posted on here, so I hope everyone is safe and well? Bit of a different one from me here. My wife & I have been looking to sell up our primary residence this year and whilst getting the house ready and reading through the past Devassess Report it seems that there's 3 potential development sites within 75m of our property: 1) Site 1: This has already been developed: https://www.zoopla.co.uk/for-sale/details/56775025?search_identifier=919d005d889d0d96f2083af2e0d4d9e5 2) Site 2: This sits on the rear of our garden and shares the site equally with 3 other properties (25% each) 3) Site 3: This sits across the road with minimal impact. We're trying to figure out what our options are & whether this is a potential hazard for someone looking to buy or whether it is a unique opportunity for us to try acquire the land & develop. All three other properties for site 2 are in a dire state and are let out to students. I'm fairly confident if I could get hold of the owner for each property we would be able to acquire this at a reasonable rate. Does anyone have any experience with doing something like this, or have any recommendations on how to structure or value what you are going to offer? I have a fairly good knowledge of BTL but not a great deal in something like this. Do I need to disclose why I want to buy the land? Could I acquire the land then sell our property & still develop? Is it a waste of time if I don't want to live there? Any advise or help appreciated :-) Rob
  2. Hey Derek, This is exactly what I need!! Could you drop me an email at robcranston@hotmail.co.uk with details on how to access, I presume its read only as you charge for it?
  3. Hey Guys, Been a while since i posted on here, I hope your all well? I'm being a bit lazy here but thought id give it ago before a spend all night drawing one up. Has anyone got a suitable spreadsheet for calculating BRR's with ROI before & after etc? My standard BTL one just isn't cutting the mustard. I'm sure I could probably find one on here somewhere but I'm on a bit of a tight schedule & don't really have the time to look. Appreciate the help guys. Rob
  4. Hey Guys, Does anyone know where to find the BTL property calculator which was attached to the course 'running the numbers' a couple of years ago? I cant seem to find it since the site update. Thanks in advance
  5. Very lazy I know, but has anyone got a spread sheet which lists everything related to building a property from the ground up. ie, connections, footings, brickwork, windows etc Thanks in advance.
  6. Hi Neil, I think you may be able to assist me, I'm going to drop you an email now. Rob
  7. Hi Michael, Thanks for your reply. To be honest I haven't actually done that much research into that area. I've mainly been focusing on Salford quays and Eccles due to the yields. Just had a quick look at where you mean on the map and it does seem very central. Are you based round that area or investing from a far? Rob
  8. Has anyone got any experience or opinions on this area, seems like reasonable yeilds can be achieved. Be interested to hear from investors in the Salford Quays area.
  9. See your point Stuart. He hasn't replied to my last few questions via email so may be time to find someone new, shame as we've been working together for the last 8 years or so. Any broker recommendations?
  10. Amazing, thanks Stuart. Yep we own our house together so hopefully this shouldn't be a problem. I'll get in touch with my broker and see what he thinks (although i think he may be ignoring me with the amount of questions i've asked him recently ) I'll let you know how i get on.
  11. Hi Stuart, Solid advise as always, many thanks for that. I guess the priorities are really for her to receive a descent income. I'm in a position where I am earning just under 45k through work plus around 30k of rental income, and have a 50k in savings which i would like to invest somewhere but am in between a rock and a hard place with tax My partner earns very little through self employed income and spends most her time looking after our two children. I've explored the avenues of holding properties in a LTD company but for me at present this does not seem like the right move. What I'm really looking to do is get her a BTL so she can earn some income, as for proportion and being on the deeds i'm not fussed. Any ideas appreciated. Rob
  12. Hi Guys, I don't suppose anyone knows if this is possible? Ideally I would like to put the deposit down & take on the mortgage but put the property and rent received in her name. She currently has an income of under £15,000 and we are not married. Any advise appreciated. Many Thanks, Rob
  13. Thanks Mike, I guess they don't like the thought of renting to the Housing Associations then.
  14. Thanks Thandi, to be honest I haven't really been told a lot, i do my current LTD company accounts myself so do not have an accountant to advise at present. I'm just trying to gather all the information to get this set up correctly the first time round. Anybody know if there's any additional fees that need to be accounted for when buying through a LTD company?
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