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    Rob Cranston reacted to DezzaT in BRR Excel Spreadsheet   
    Hi Rob, I have a 'deal analyser' tab on my Property Calculator Google Sheets here. You can try and give that a go to see if it helps? 
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    Rob Cranston reacted to Darren McNeill in Who else is holding on purchases until mid 2021?   
    Nope.  Property is a long term strategy and if I see something that works now then it will work next year so why hold off?
    To me it seems daft, waiting for the crash that may or may not happen.  I bought 2 in the lockdown (due to complete soon) and if I see anything else I will continue to buy.  I haven't got time to waste waiting, that doesn't make money.

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    Rob Cranston reacted to Vicky Nunes in Manchester   
    Rob, I would definitely suggest you head along to our Manchester Meetup in April if you can, there will be tons of local knowledge to benefit from there! Get your free ticket here. https://www.eventbrite.co.uk/e/the-property-hub-meetup-manchester-tickets-25315653802
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    Rob Cranston reacted to rob bence in Manchester   
    Hi Rob,
    Here’s a roundup of areas you might want to consider:
    Millennium Quarter - vibrant and bustling area with new residential properties being built
    Noma/Redbank - an exciting new 20-acre neighbourhood
    Northern Quarter - Manchester’s independent district - full of character!
    Oxford Road - home to Manchester’s universities and a significant student population
    Piccadilly - one of the newer areas in the city to benefit from regeneration. Currently capturing the attention of the property market
    China Town - located in the heart of the city. The spotlight is likely to shine on this busy area due to the influx of Chinese investment coming into the city
    The Village - the incredibly popular heart of Manchester’s LGBT community
    Spinningfields - an exciting urban redevelopment project that will turn this quarter into a modern business centre
    Ancoats Village - a favourite with foodies! This area has benefitted from multi-million pound projects
    Castlefield - an area that's very popular with professionals who want everything on their doorstep
    Hope this helps!
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    Rob Cranston reacted to investing4536 in Manchester   
    Hi Rob. If you really want to focus on prime areas with high capital growth and lower yields then I'd take a look at Didsbury. Properties have appreciated faster than the city centre over the last few years. Furthermore unlike the city centre, demand can not be met by building lots of skyscrapers Compared to other 'affluent' areas in Manchester, the area has a far higher proportion of young professionals looking to rent and many larger period buildings have already been divided into flats. If your strategy is buy-to-sell, I'd look elsewhere though. 
    As for resources, I'd recommend the Manchester section of the construction and development forum Skyscrapercity. If you spend time there, you will start to build up a clear picture on the up and coming areas around Manchester - typically on the periphery of the quickly expanding city centre. A few people on the forum spend a lot of time making excellent development summaries/maps of all that is happening in Manchester (it's hard to keep track!) and it will give you a far more objective view of Manchester than some property consultant/estate agent with their own agenda. 
    Hope that helps. 
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    Rob Cranston reacted to Wesley Davidson in BTL Stress Testing   
    The only other way is to use a lender that works off of rent and affordability, taking account of your income too. This only works for those with a decent level of income compared to the mortgage they require. As Stuart says you would need your full situation reviewed by a broker who knows their stuff!
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    Rob Cranston got a reaction from Lee Northrop in Property Refurb in Manchester   
    Hi Bruce,
    I'm also along the same lines as you, living in Greater London looking to invest in the North, Stockport funnily enough Lee.
    I'm just weighing up my options on refurb and let or just a straight BTL in a reasonable condition property.
    Usually id go for the refurb option, especially with the amount of period terraces in the area. But fromn experience I know how hands on these can become. I'd be curious to know how you plan on working your flip from down south? 
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    Rob Cranston got a reaction from Lee Northrop in Property Refurb in Manchester   
    Couldn't agree with your more. Was weighing up a couple of deals in SW London earlier in the year and although the property price it self was attractive we just couldn't make them work with the stamp duty and other associated costs.
    Not to mention the new BTL stress testing. 
    I'm planning a trip up to the Stockport / Machester area in a the next few weeks, i'll let you know if i come across anything  
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