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  1. Yes freeholder can refuse structural alterations, based on typical leasehold agreement clause. Subject to freeholder granting permission for loft conversion, there’s still lots of red tape that could make a loft conversion unviable. As for converting loft space into a separate unit, no chance without owning freehold. Best of luck.
  2. M&S price up 25% right now on the day, crazy stuff.
  3. There’s tons of platforms out there. Barclays share dealing platform is rubbish. IG platform is great, easy to use, lots of features, mobile app is also really good. £8 per trade which is standard price. You can open a share dealing ISA, stay away from the spread betting and CFD. https://www.ig.com/uk/investments/share-dealing Let me know how you get on!
  4. Do you mean what platform for buying share to use to keep costs to a minimum? Best fees? If you mean the aggregate amount, then it’s how deep are your pocket and how big are your b.....s.
  5. I own a small design/marketing related company, M&S is my main client. So if they fold I’m double f.....d. M&S share price has been driven down by analysts assuming the customer base is of the older generation who will be mostly affected by the C word, but with their new marketing strategy’s and products over the last few years this is simply not the case anymore. Their first quarter figures will be undoubtably low, but the share price dropping has already accounted for this. We’ll see over the coming months. But yes banks, great value.
  6. You need to determine how much your property is worth, get 3 estate agents valuations. The mortgage case is built around that price and your personal finances need to meet the lenders criteria. Then the surveyor will come in and downvalue the property... lol. Sorry not helpful, just happens too often... They'll look at close comparables in the area and the current market, make sure the property can be used as suitable security for the loan and come back with an independent valuation for the lender. (I'm not a broker or advisor, just my experiences) Best of luck.
  7. Great opportunities at the moment for short-medium term investment. I'm steering clear of the airlines for now, until we see the light at the end of the tunnel with the travel restrictions. Have gone with the strategy of taking positions in various companies, since last week and still over the next few weeks - To diversify and get different price entry points while the market is still volatile. Hopefully the market falling slows down soon and starts to recover nicely in the next few months. Let me know what you decide to buy. Good luck.
  8. Thanks! Today bought... Barclays @ 85p Kingfisher PLC @ 114p M&S @ 78p Virgin Money @ 85p Keeping an eye on BP and Petrofac, will take a position this week. These are all crazy low prices, will make a good return short - medium term.
  9. Great thanks Paul, will definitely take a punt on Virgin money as the BOE interests rate has been slashed - should see some momentum in the next few month. Thanks for the feedback, appreciate it.
  10. The stock markets have dived. Most of FTSE 100 companies have halved in value from a month ago. If property prices halved, we would all be taking anything we can get our hands on!? I've set aside a few thousand to buy up low price shares. Bought a chunk on Thursday when certain companies were at record lows, will continue to buy over the next few weeks as the market is still volatile and could dip further, due to whats happening out there. BP share prices started the year trading at 500p, the Saudi/Russian oil price war and weakening demand due to Coronavirus has pushed the price dow
  11. Hi Conrad, Ok sorry not literally mortgage free, but rental income profit should more than cover residential mortgage payment. So living ‘With a mortgage, with monthly repayment covered passively’ Thanks
  12. Hi Jonathon, 250k deposit with you're salary would enable you to purchase the 750k house. The remaining 270k minus the stamp duty and fees would get you 3-4 flats in outer london giving you enough of a rental income to cover your mortgage on the house with some left over to pay other bills. There you go, mortgage free and pension sorted. The other route you could take with the remaining 270k is flipping a few properties to give you a good return. If you're interesting give me a message - check out what I'm doing flipping in outer London. Good luck. Charlie
  13. Estate agents want you using there broker for commisions pushing a particular mortgage product. Doesn't necessarily mean it's a bad mortgage product. Same reason they always try to recommend 'their' solicitor. Check their fees and reviews to see if they're right for you. Best of luck.
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