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  1. Just an update. My council has a 'drop in' service so I went and spoke to a planning officer who said (verbally - written advice is a paid for pre-app!) that this would come under permitted development because it is not an access to the building or attached to the house (i.e. a means of getting around the house from one floor to another).
  2. Just for the benefit of other newbies out there, ere is what I have found. If your mortgage lender says you need to provide a guarantee for the mortgage, you will need to get legal advice, to show you understand what this means. Some lenders accept the advice from your conveyancing solicitor, some don't. Similarly, some conveyancing firms will provide the service and some will claim the legal advice has to be independent of them. The service we found costs £450 +VAT. Most quotes were more than this, in the region of £500 - £600. There are two of us and we need to get th
  3. Hi Simon, The lender is Precise Mortgages. They did say that we needed to act as guarantors but did not mention that we would need separate legal advice for this. We asked our conveyancing solicitors and they said it could not be them; it had to be independent. I may have found on now who will do it for less. If they do, I will reply so others can know what a more normal price is.
  4. I have a SPV company buying a house BTL. We have received our mortgage offer and need to get a form signed saying we have received legal advice (from someone other than the conveyancer) that we understand the risks involved in being a guarantor. I have phones several solicitors in my area - Guildford, without success. The one firm that said they would do it wanted to charge £500+ costs! Does anyone know a solicitor in the surrey area that would do this? Is this fee normal? Thanks Mat
  5. Hi all I have a Victorian 3 story house in Hastings, bought at auction. It needs a 'full refurb': i.e. new double glazing, new wiring and plumbing, new flooring new kitchen and bathrooms. Anyone have any experience of this area? Is there a good contractor anyone would recommend, past the usual checkatrade and google searches? Or is there a better place to search? Is it possible to advertise the job, and if so, does anyone know a forum? Thanks Mat
  6. I have been in cotact with about 6 brokers over the last month, looking to buy my first property. 3 were large online brokers and 3 were local ones. To be honest, they've all been good and the choice cam dowen to who they recommended as a lender - I avoided Paragon after they dismissed my property without reason when all the others said it was fine. The two that stand out for me are: buytoletbroker First Union Mortgages But as I say, all of the brokers were good at explaining my options, getting me illustrations and being up front about fees
  7. I've recently dealt with quite a few. Most are good, to be honest, including local ones. two online ones I recommend are below. As your post was a while ago, I's be interested to know your experience too. First Union buytoletbroker
  8. Thanks Neil, It's amazing how much I have learnt from just contacting a few brokers. One thing I will say is that I will avoid Paragon. They accepted in principle, then refused finance because "it is not the sort of property they are intyerested in lending on". No other application. A quick search on here and online shows this is not uncommon, and I will avoid Paragon in the future. All the brokers I have dealt with have been good, to be honest. A good mention to two who have been really helpful: buytoletbroker First Union Mortgages Mat
  9. hi all, I am looking at a house to buy at auction that has potential to refurbish and then let or sell. However, the legal pack from the auction says that the title to the land is currently unregistered. the document "deducing" the title is a lawyer statement saying that the property was inherited by a relation on the death of the owner in the 1980's. Has anyone come across this? how do I know the seller has the right to sell? Should I leave well alone? Any knowledge or advice even on where to start with this would be very welcome. Thanks Mat
  10. I have a few names. As Simon says, they are brokers for the most part but could be worth checking out. Please note these are not recommendations and I have not used them myself. https://www.hunterfinance.co.uk/ https://www.largemortgageloans.com/ www.closepropertyfinance.com https://www.winchesterfinancial.co.uk/ I have a question of my own. I am approaching one or more of these guys and need to make a "Director Profile" that shows my experience and suitability for a loan. Does anyone know what one of these looks like? Mine is just a paragraph of text so
  11. hi all, My sister and I have set up an SPV Ltd company to begin investing in B2L properties. We are starting to look for properties and at the same time, I want to be prepared by having a mortgage broker lined up, ready with all our documentation etc. I have researched this, so know all the right questions to ask for, and have looked at vouchedfor and unbiased, as well as two recommendations from the lovely people at my first monthly meetup. I have chatted to 5 brokers so far, including two local IFA's, a specialist ocally based mortgage broker and 2 of the big online o
  12. Hi all, I have a ltd company and we own a piece of land with planning permission for 4 houses. We need a loan to build them. We need a large amount - over £500k. I have spoken to the brokers Totum finance, and to a friend who is a building contractor, who advises me to approach the Banks (Lloyds, RBS, NatWest etc). At the moment, I cannot even get contact numbers out of the three banks and am getting frustrated. Does anyone know how to start this? Any advice would be appreciated. Will I need to prepare an application in advance? If so what wil it need to inc
  13. Hi All, Thought I'd say hello, seeing as there is a specific thread for it! I'm completely new to this. Basically, I am middle aged with a good job. After 20 years of PAYE, I am looking for something where I can work hard and see that the money I make is going to me, rather than someone else. I have a little saved up but plan to start looking at property while still in employment, with the aim of making it full time in a year or so (or less, in my dreams) I plan to buy and then sell properties that require work done on them, rather than quick flipping or a s
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