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    Landlord since 2002, having started out with lodgers helping to cover my own mortgage. Career in software development. Now with a small property portfolio and making software to simplify life when managing property.
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    Single-lets, self management.

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  1. Two main audiences - self managing landlords and anyone planning property investment. In practice it's used by small and large landlords, letting agents, sourcers, investors, and even just regular house buyers (mostly the free price history browser extension). 🙂
  2. I may be a little (or a lot) biased but I prefer PaTMa which is a system I created (to replace my own spreadsheets). It provides very similar financial tracking of rental properties but also covers full tenancy information, inventory creation, e-signatures and figures for your tax return. On the deal analysis front PaTMa provides profit forecasts, as Lendlord does, but also comparable analysis, local licensing (and Article 4) data and planning application information. There's a free tier but also paid subscriptions so it doesn't rely on a stream of commission from partners to stay alive! Some people above have expressed a concern about extracting their data - I agree and have always offered free data backups in a generic format (it's structured so not as simple as CSV and might include uploaded images, PDFs, etc) but it means you can always keep your data safe. Please forgive the self promotion - I hope people find PaTMa useful. Please do let me know.
  3. My understanding is that a tenancy continues as part of their estate after a tenant dies. https://www.landlordlawblog.co.uk/2014/05/21/what-happens-to-a-tenancy-when-the-tenant-dies/ Which means that rent is still due and the normal process of notices, etc would need to be used to end it (from either side). Hence the amount of time provided is dictated by the tenancy agreement, notice periods and repossession process. On a personal level though, I'd suggest giving them as much time as you can afford to. Helping the family avoid any extra stress or unpleasantness at such a time has got to be best.
  4. I managed to miss that and can't find it anywhere - do you have a link to the Development Kit?
  5. Typing your name is one of the options Signable offers (along with drawing on a touch screen or with a mouse). It looks like PDF Fill and Sign systems often offer drawing options too. Signable also record several other things to help authenticate/audit the signature - such as the exact time, the signers IP address and a checksum of the document (so you can check it hasn't changed later). And all done via their service rather than being in the control of the signer. Considering you can make a contract with just an email (or talking), I'm not sure how much of these things are really required, but I quite like the extra reassurance.
  6. I'm late to reading Rich Dad, Poor Dad - having only done so in the last few weeks. Following that I went looking for information on the Cashflow game mentioned, I found this review quite interesting - apparently not written by property people! ;-) https://www.millennial-revolution.com/invest/learned-playing-robert-kiyosakis-cashflow-board-game/ As Dino mentioned, there's also a free online version, available here: https://www.richdad.com/apps-games/cashflow-classic I've not tried it yet though. I'd be interested to hear from anyone who has? Alternative or improved games along the same educational lines would also be great? I'd like something I can play with my (early) teenage children.
  7. My investments are chosen to be low effort, long term (hopefully capital gaining) and hence I only target 5% ROI. Just thanks to time (no fancy strategy) I have some properties that now provide income with no cash left in them. As shown comparing my answer to Marty's, there's a very wide range for "acceptable ROI" - it depends on what your goals are and what inputs (ie time, money) you have available.
  8. The government model AST is available here: https://www.gov.uk/government/publications/model-agreement-for-a-shorthold-assured-tenancy but it's not very accessible to actually use. I quite like the NLA template - available here: https://landlords.org.uk/forms/assured-shorthold-tenancy-agreement-ast - however you need to be a member to access it. I understand the RLA also provide an AST template, although again it's only available to members. OpenRent provide one that's available to anyone and free: https://blog.openrent.co.uk/a-free-assured-shorthold-tenancy-agreement-rental/ (I quite like the structure of this one too)
  9. The one I've made is available for free. Includes price changes, local comparisons and ROI estimate where available (and some other due diligence / investigation tools too). https://www.patma.co.uk/page/property-tools-browser-extensions/ I'm going to release a new version in the next few days which makes the information more visible too. I'm always looking for suggestions for improvements, if anyone has any please let me know.
  10. There are official guides available here: https://www.gov.uk/government/publications/tenant-fees-act-2019-guidance The fee ban applies to ASTs, student lets and licences - other leases may not be covered. Here's a relevant extract on when the ban comes into place for new/existing tenancies:
  11. Hi, I also recommend Signable, it's the service I use to provide integrated e-signing in PaTMa. It's been very reliable, cost effective and easy to use. Simon
  12. Hi, I might be biased(!) but I'd recommend my own property management software: https://www.patma.co.uk/ It's even free if you're just using it for one single-let. :-) I like feedback (good or bad) so I can keep improving it, so please let me know if you have any suggestions. Thanks Simon
  13. Hi, What are you wanting the flat to be inspected for? Are you thinking of something like a mortgage survey? Or perhaps for consideration of building works or improvements? The best option might be to find a trust worthy builder, surveyor or appropriate professional and purchase some of their time to accompany you on the viewings. They'll be able to provide fairly immediate feedback to help with your decision before making an offer. However, if you don't, you could get it checked after making an offer and potentially change your mind. It's not unusual for a mortgage survey to show up something that's otherwise hidden. Simon
  14. A small block of flats or house converted into a few flats is an approach that I'm curious about too. I'd be interested to hear any experiences. My understanding (could be wrong) is that it's possible for properties converted into flats to actually count as an HMO, if the conversion doesn't meet certain criteria, which might be something to be wary of.
  15. What's your exciting announcement? I don't have a spreadsheet for ROI/yield calculations but I do have this: https://app.patma.co.uk/prospector/property-profit-and-yield-calculator/ And there's a paid service which allows storing all the different properties you're considering, along with their ROI and other calculations for easy comparison (much easier than a spreadsheet)! It is my own product though, so I might be biased. :-)
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