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  1. @Barry t - would be good to hear how you got on. @haf1963 - thanks for confirming. I've done some more work on this and maybe one for you guys to ponder too: - we are creating a company with 4 directors each of whom have equal shares. - to get equal shares each director will have a total of 330 shares. - planning for future use of spouse names that may not be working etc and therefore can receive tax free dividends we are each splitting our 330 shares into 165 class a shares and 165 class b shares which will be currently held in our names and t
  2. Hi, Has anyone setup a limited company recently for the purpose of purchasing new BTL properties? For me the accountants I have spoken to have advise setting up an ltd to be more tax efficient but they have also advised checking with lenders on what their criteria would be in terms of how the company is structured etc. I've done some investigating with lenders too and so far have found out the following critieria would be needed: 1. No more than 4 directors. 2. Use one (or all) of SIC codes 68100, 68209, 68320, 68201 3. Personal garauntees to be
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