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  1. Hi there, Can anyone recommend a good specialist HMO & commercial mortgage broker? I am interested in 2 possible deals atm. One that would be commercial by virtue of it's size, the other (multiple)HMOs. Trying to weigh them up, run the figures and get to grips with the current state of the market and how it has changed with the COVID. Likewise any sources of advice on this stuff I could read up about myself. It seems like the LTV's are down and rates are up atm but I am getting contradictory advice right now and really need someone who knows their shit. Thank you.
  2. I have owned a house for 3 years. I have lived in it as my sole residential & worked my bum off doing it up! Now I may sell. I understand that HMRC may want you pay CGT if you bought it solely for the purpose of renovating for profit. I didn't - In fact I'm still considering if to stay or sell - but if the latter I will be making good money. Is there any way the revenue could argue I did & make me pay CGT? The sums are decent and I don't want to get caught out. I'm not sure what their criteria here are. Thanks
  3. Ring the council re: the planning question. My planning guys are surprisingly helpful.
  4. Having just done a big old renovate to sell I'd like to say that it's more expensive and much harder work than I ever realised. I have made good money from it but it cost a year and a half of both our lives and has been bloody exhausting! Also anything near me that looks doey-uppy gets a crazy amount of interest / offers. WRT your HMO idea - just a quickie you may / may not have thought of but you can't just buy a 4 bed and make an HMO. You need permission and then licensing. In my area this is controlled by the council who are currently quite anti more HMO's. Then again, if
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