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  1. Yes, effectively in the past one of them has had poor financial management skills and has had to enter into an agreement to get the debts wiped/put into 1 tiny payment It doesn't mean they won't prioritise the rent / not pay - as there could have been a genuine reason for it but I would do rigorous employment, affordability checks and credit checks to ensure they can definitely afford the rent even if one of them is not working If you have other tenant options, I'd try them instead first
  2. I'm an underwriter - Yes it seems a bit picky but they're just doing their due diligence. I think it's likely that they are just ensuring that you have put some thought into it and aren't just being miss sold a couple of cheap properties from a fast talking sales agent. You seem to have a strong case to put forward so I'd just relay all those reasons back to the lender and I'm sure it will be fine.
  3. Good cash flow returns but low appreciation due to social economics, lack of jobs, location .. As with any area, do your research first.
  4. I haven't used him but I've had many people in my property groups recommend this same person for JV's: Shimon Rudich at MS Law in Prestwich Just realised he has some youtube videos as well
  5. Yes it looks like a timing factor. If you check within 1 mile radius including sold and under offer, there is only an extra 40% under offer when you click sold. Even the cheap ones under 200k aren't sold which probably means demand isn't so high at this moment in time. It states you listed in December and some markets only pick up around end of Feb/ March onward, plus we have Brexit which is putting off buyers demand. I think it's just a waiting game for you so don't be in a rush to keep slashing your asking price.
  6. Hey everyone, I'm currently in the process of adding my first apartment to my portfolio (a 2 bed in Hapurhey, Manchester). I want to give them a chance as they appear less maintenance than houses although I do dislike the heavy maintenance fees that they can often come with! For those of you who already have flats in your portfolio, I just want to understand how long your tenants typically stay for? Have you got many tenants that have lived long term? .. What factors influence this, e.g. low rent, area etc? ... I know there are so many factors that can influence this e.g.
  7. Did you end up purchasing this property?
  8. These can be usual tactics from very sales focused estate agents who are trying to maximize their income from each sale. I filter these type of agents fast and prefer to work with the good ones that offer a much better all round customer service in the areas I focus on
  9. Yes there is growth in the North West as a whole, not just just Manchester: https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/business-45573451
  10. Agree with Michael here, there's a lot of flats in that area already and more being built. I've noticed some of the older cheaper apartment developments are struggling to re-sell in that area and some on my watch list have been unsold for a long time, possibly overpriced or people just want to buy new. The yields are average because maintenance fees are always high with the new developments in that area. Great location for houses though.
  11. Is there any reason why you still wish to purchase it? It will most likely affect the possibility of future appreciation if you're keeping it long term. What's the maintenance charges per month and how much is expected rent per month?
  12. Just missed out on an auction property in Eccles. Are there any areas you should avoid in Eccles or all tend to be good for renting? Also, would you recommend any agents in and around that area? Thanks
  13. Are there any specific courses/property training companies that anyone would outright recommend paying for or are they not allowed to be named on this forum?
  14. Hi Jordan, Thanks for the advice!! Actually, I haven't updated my profile in a while and I've now moved back to Manchester. My properties are in Bolton and Manchester as I'm concentrating on the North West for the time being. Thanks,
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