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  1. =SUMPRODUCT(--(B4>{180000;250000;400000;750000;1500000}), (B4-{180000;250000;400000;750000;1500000}), {0.035;0.015;0.025;0.25;0.2})=SUMPRODUCT(--(B4>{180000;250000;400000;750000;1500000}), (B4-{180000;250000;400000;750000;1500000}), {0.035;0.015;0.025;0.25;0.2}) Hopefully
  2. Surely it is now just =SUMPRODUCT(--(B4>{150000;250000}), (B4-{150000;250000}), {0.02;0.03}) https://www.gov.uk/stamp-duty-land-tax/nonresidential-and-mixed-use-rates
  3. =SUMPRODUCT(--(B4>{150000;250000}), (B4-{150000;250000}), {0.02;0.03}) I think :)
  4. Some of you may know me from around the property world. Our main focus is development. So commercial to residential, listed to residential, pubs to..... (you get the drift) Also new build to around the 20 to 30 unit level. Always open to JVs with members as we like to operate an ethical company which is a win win for all parties involved.
  5. Should be =SUMPRODUCT(--(B4>{125000;250000;925000;1500000}), (B4-{125000;250000;925000;1500000}), {0.02;0.03;0.05;0.02})+(B4*IF(B4>39999,0.03,0))
  6. Works great, except it doesn't take into account the fact that for properties under 40k the additional 3% is not paid