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  1. I have rental insurance and im wondering how this will work . If my Tennant fails to pay due to no income I am supposed to inform the rental insurance , who will then contact the guarantors and assuming there in the same position will then start eviction process . Obviously this is not a desirable situation for anyone and we need to consider everyone situation . Do you think rent insurance will cover the loss given the situation or do you think I need to make an agreement to the Tennant then let the rental insurance know ? I have emailed them ( open rent ) so ill see what they say . Any
  2. Hi , Im a newbie so please forgive what may seem a simple question . I have a couple renting a property and sadly after 2 years one partner is leaving . the fixed agreement runs out in march . If he is removed from the agreement i need to get the partner who is staying to sign a new agreement along with new references . All this is a cost and i wondered if i am allowed to charge them this cost as it is a change mid term? I know the rules changed regarding fees but i wondered if anyone had coma across a similar scenario . thanks in advance Ruth
  3. hi , i have tenants that have been in my rental for over a year and are still receiving letters of debt for a previous property owner who appears to be still using the address to get credit. We have sent letters to all creditors but just wondered if anyone had any other advice please . thank-you in advance ruth ( newbie!)
  4. Hi , looking for advice . I am about to buy my first buy to let property I have three choices of interest rate . 1/ 2.73% with an arrangement fee £1995 making monthly payment £234.88 2/ 2.89% with an arrangement fee of £ 995 making a monthly payment of £246.24 3/ 3.05% with no arrangement fee making a monthly payment of £257.34 As an arrangement fee can be offset against tax is it better for me to pay that upfront ,offsetting it this tax year and earning more profit ,or am I better to go for the overall cheaper option number 3? I am just starting to
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