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  1. Hi Jitz, Of the two areas you’ve chosen I would look at Anfield, not sure on your budget but It’s defiantly true about the cheaper values and the yield, but I personally I have found that it is not worth purchasing anything to cheap to avoid this problem, although anyone can fall on hard times but I feel that it’s a little safer to purchase something better in better areas. (Anfield is ok though) You mention Wavertree? Wavertree is a big area so parts of Wavertree are great but I’d avoid anywhere around the Webster Triangle especially if your looking for single let property. Th
  2. Hi Leo SD, Yes I do think Liverpool is saturated but from all I read on other areas it’s much the same everywhere else. I started investing about 3 years ago in L12 but have been forced to look at surrounding postcodes other prices crept up and up and am still looking for properties in Liverpool. If you have a target yield that your looking to achieve it becomes a little bit easier to look at and assess deals, obviously prices have gone up but that’s property and the currant market, yes you could wait 6/12 months and there maybe a drop in prices but I don’t think so... As for areas
  3. Hi Charlie, Check out Inside Liverpool with Vicki Peers who package deal properties in Liverpool. Thanks, Neil www.propertyviewernorthwest.com
  4. Hi Michael, I to invest I Liverpool and North Manchester and would love to chat about my experiences in property. Maybe we could meet up when it’s safe to do so and you could buy me a coffee...? 😉 Thanks, Neil www.propertyviewernorthwest.com
  5. Hi Anjub I invest and view properties for investors. Please see my website - www.propertyviewernorthwest.com please give me a call if your interested. thanks, Neil 07970146962
  6. Hi Guys, I would widen your search a little and have a look at L4 Anfield, L21 Bootle, L13 Old Swan/Tuebrook, L8 Dingle and L19 Garston. L6 and L7 are very popular with investors so I would be cautious of buying anything in that area, plus a lot of properties are being turned in to or have been turned into mini HMO’s which is not ideal for those looking for a single let btl. Good luck... Thanks, Neil www.propertyviewernorthwest.com/
  7. Hi Chaps, I manage my own properties in Liverpool, although if I had to have a letting agent I would look at Homesure estate agents in Woolton. (I think they have another estate agents in Liverpool) As say not to sure price wise but I’d have a look at them... Neil www.propertyviewernorthwest.com
  8. Hi Yiannis, They used to have a property hub meet up in Chorley every 1st Thursday of the month about 2 years ago but they stopped it due to low turnouts but for me this was far better as there was on average 4-8 people there so i found it fascinating to just go round the table and listen to everyone’s property journey and problems. For me I got a lot of out of these meetings and was absolutely gutted when they stopped.... I live in Westhoughton, Bolton so if you want to meet up for a coffee to talk property just message me... Thanks, Neil
  9. Hi Richard, I came close to buying a 2 bed apartment in Hamilton Square, but pulled out due to being mis informed on the amount of the service charges which ended up as nearly double of what I was first told...? (Typical agent !!!) This was over 2 years ago but from what I can recall the EPC was at a suitable level to permit a BTL purchase...? Obviously this must be something different, but I’d like to know a little more as at the time I was gutted about the service charge and have considered looking there again as the fundamentals where great? Thanks, Neil
  10. Yes, it has gone crazy but the trick is to be the first to view and place an offer.... which then puts other investors off....! If you live in say London and have to wait until the weekend or even longer, the chances are by the time you have viewed it (if your lucky) you’ll be in competition with others... Gone are the days when you can make an offer and if others rejected come back to it a week later... Good luck...
  11. In liverpool it’s much of the same, less supply but to much demand... I understand the logic in saving cash to see what happens in 6 months but I can’t see there being much chance of any deals in Liverpool because of the demand. Also, from what I have been reading in 6-9 months time we should have or be close to a vaccine....?
  12. Hi Karts, I’m based In the north west and have been investing in property for 4/5 years. I think you’ll find the majority of the sourcing companies sell what ever they can push on to investors as most of the sourced property that finds its way to me or sent to me by other investors to review are in less desirable areas in the suburbs where I personally wouldn’t want my BTL to be, and there’s nearly always underlying problems that come with it. There is always the odd exception but make sure you do your DD and ensure that payment is on completion of the sale and not on the introduction to
  13. Hi Cristian, If using a mortgage you’ll find that your lender will have a panel of solicitors that they will work with so it’s probably worth asking your broker for the list at an early stage if using a mortgage. thanks, Neil
  14. Hi You’ll find that L7 and L6 areas are very popular with investors, and there is a multitude of mini HMO’s in them areas. The Dingle (L8) is a great place for a 2 bed property around the bread streets. The yield isn’t the best but the houses rent really well as the roads there are sloping towards the river and have a great view. I have viewed a number of properties Just on the fringe of where L8 meets L17 (Aigburth) where house prices in L17 shot up by about £50k. Further South passed L17 you come in to Garston (L19) you may find properties there as prices are quite reasonable as w
  15. Hi, Looks far to expensive to me and looks like you’ve asked a builder to do a quote on a refurb with no real direction and he’s just used his initiative which is not what you want..... Initially you should have a clear scope of works for each room with specifics If you can get them to quote from which ensures your comparing apples with apples. For example it is easy to open an account at Howdens and purchase you own kitchen units and appliances and get them delivered to your house - I did this at the start of the year and payed £1500 for all the units, work tops, sink and a
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