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  1. Yes all sorted now. I didn’t join the RLA as I’m a member of the NLA, which I know are in the process of amalgamating. Paid full price until March 2020.... (Money for old rope.... if you ask me...)
  2. Hi Marc, I bought a one bedroom ex council flat this year with a the lease remaining at 99 years. At the time the lease was a problem for me as I like you was looking long term @ 20 years so I would need to extend the lease at some stage. I ended up pull out of the sale because I couldn’t get an approximate figure and my research suggested that I would have to pay for both solicitors costs (mine and the landlords solicitors costs) plus the actual cost of extending the lease which may have to submit legal papers ? estimated £5-7k total maybe more... so pulled out. I did tell the agent/vendor that although I was still interested without a true estimate there was no way I could continue but did say that if the vendor could get a true estimate I may still be interested? I was speaking to a solicitor (friend) and he said that as it was an ex council flat It would be easier and possibly more straight forward to extend than if it was with a private landlord. So the vendor emailed the council and the council sent back a quote to extend the lease for just over £2k which the vendor agreed reduce the price by a further £1k and the sale was back on... Please see attached.... For me I think the sooner the better as the longer you leave it the more it will cost you.... Neil
  3. Hi Nick, I set a ltd company up with my brother and cousin a couple of years ago and we now have 4 properties now in it. It is very important to ensure your plans and goals are aligned as it’s no good to start a company finding that you have bought x number properties and the family member wants to get rid of them in 5/10 years when your plan/goal is based over 20 years. Obviously age may come in to this if investing with a different generation? You need to insure that you have an idea of your rolls and responsibility’s as this from experience can create problems further down the line. For example i would say that I undertake 65% of the work load maybe more, whilst my brother and cousin share the other 35%, but I knew it was going to be like this from the start so it was not a surprise. There are disadvantages and advantages but I would say in my case there are more advantages, for one we bought 3 properties last year and so far have another 2 going through the sales process this year so it has enabled us to buy more properties than I could of ever bought by myself and accelerate the process. Neil
  4. https://www.liverpoolecho.co.uk/news/liverpool-news/merseyside-set-two-new-train-16838844
  5. Hi Rambos, Only the good landlords pay for them. If I was you I’d try to hold of getting one until March 2020. The problem you’ll have is that a lot of letting agents won’t let a Tenent move in unless a licence is in place or being put in place, which is a good thing but It’s a real shame that Liverpool city council can’t honour these licenses for 5 years or at least give you some sort of discount into the next scheme as I myself bought one @ 2 months ago, as it’s forcing more landlords to go the other way and avoid paying the fee... rant over.... Neil
  6. Hi Jase, I am originally from Liverpool and invest there and am only to happy to share my knowledge of the city. Thanks, Neil
  7. Hi Guys, So I have 6 BTL properties and my strategy is simply to buy a property, refurb it and let it out for 2 years on a fixed interest only mortgage, before refinancing it after 2 years to take out as much as I can to fund the next property. So, I’ve got 3 properties that will require refinancing next year, however I had one property that required remortgaging (my first property) but i used the existing lender who gave me a great deal for the next 2 years, (but I wasn’t looking to take any money out of the property) and was so simple, easy and quite cost effective, and only required a signature... however they did not revisit the property...I’m just wondering if the rates are competitive if it’s worth sticking with the existing lenders, or do you think it’s worth going with another lender who will come out and view the property and comparable properties to give me a better valuation than the existing lender...???I’d be interested to hear your thoughts...Thanks, Neil
  8. Hi Jamie, I am a one man band from Liverpool with a few BTL there, who sources and views properties for investors and expats elsewhere in the North West but predominately in Liverpool. My website is https://www.propertyviewernorthwest.com/ which tells you more about the services I provide and myself. There’s a testimonials page on there as well with most of my clients coming from the property hub forum. Thanks, Neil
  9. Hi John, I have a few BTL in Liverpool and the figures you mentioned are definitely achievable. I don’t know how long you’ve had a season ticket but Anfield has gone some regeneration with the extension to Anfield and a number of streets surrounding it... as well as the mighty blues (Everton Supporter) bid to construct a new stadium in Bramley Moore Dock it will push investment In to North Liverpool. Off course there are some areas to avoid like every area. One area that has been on channel 4 is the second series of £ houses based in the Webster triangle, in Wavertree... not to sure if it’s ended now but you will be able to get it on call back... If you haven’t been watching this watch it.... it gives you an insight to what I believe is the worst area in Liverpool to have a BTL. Thanks, Neil
  10. Hi, Personally if I was in your position I’d be exploring smaller 2/3 bedroom houses close to the city centre. Ok, maybe the selected area may not be the first to experience capital growth but it will come and if your in it for the long hall then you’ll get it ...!! At the moment there’s plenty of new buildings being built in Liverpool with a large supply of apartments on offer, and I wonder to myself not who will buy them but who will occupy them...?
  11. Hi Charlie, Ok, first of all I am from the North West and as a side line view property’s for expats and investors like yourself in the north west. Please do not take this as me touting for your business as I’m not, however I have viewed property on a range of different property (single let btl/HMO’s/Residential and refurbs) so yes a range of investors do this from down south and even further afield do this As for sourcing companies I would research them very well before I would use any of them, as most of them use rightmove/zoopla as well, working out the average rental price to get a target yield and/or capital growth areas etc, and then band them in to groups - so you end up with basically the same property on the sourcing companies website as you could find on Rightmove/Zoopla but you’ll pay a premium or a sourcing fee to find this information out.... £££ Very few properties get sourced going direct to the vendor... especially in Liverpool where I mainly operate, and the ones that I have come across there’s always a reason why the vendor has reached out to a sourcing company - such as an area that nobody wants or there are faults with the property. As a potential seller, I can’t think of any reason why I would go to a sourcing company before trying to sell a property through the normal channels or even putting the property in to an auction, especially in this market at the moment.... I would get to know the area you want to invest in and do your own research if you can... Thanks, Neil
  12. Hi I have recently bought a btl in Liverpool, and carried out a light refurb ready for the property to be let out - which is complete now. I understand there is a landlord licensing scheme in Liverpool and intend on getting a licence, but I figured I would get a tenant in for @ 6 months before I would purchase a licence as this seemed to be one thing that I could put of paying until I got some money coming back in to my account....? So, I have used an agent on a tenant find only to find a tenant - which they have done but are now asking for my Landlord License, which I have never been asked for before? I told them I was hoping to stagger this until I receive some cash from the tenant, however they are after the licence before they will move the tenant in.... which is no problem... but is this the agents responsibility to police this..??? Is this normal procedure as I have a few properties that I have used the tenant find service but have never been asked this before...??? I must say that I am encouraged by the agents credibility and can see that they are doing there job, it’s just is there another motive...??? thanks, Neil
  13. Hi Chris, It depends on if the radius of the growth is within 7 meters from the new development. Soil can be contaminated with reproductive knotweed material up to a depth of 3m and a radiusof over 7m (or wider in certain instances) from the main clump of stems. The rate of growth is very rapid. Consequently, Japanese knotweed can quickly colonise large areas of land if not controlled. We found some where we had planned a new development to be built but because we where developing the land then we had to get it excavated out. I can only remember there being two growths a couple of mtrs away from each other but it cost us @ £7.5k to remove it. There are a few specialist firms that do it so it was relatively easy to negotiate a decent price, however what is important is the guarantee from this as it had to pass planning consent. However this maybe difficult it you are excavating on someone else’s land... Good luck anyway, Neil
  14. Hi, i have found Reeds Rains quite good. Thanks, Neil
  15. Hi, I have used Percy Hughs & Roberts (based in Hamilton Square, Birkenhead) for my last three btl mortgages - they are on the ball and will be using them again...