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  1. Hi All With Newcastle being taken over as of today from pretty much the Saudi Arabia state and have promised to invest in the club the town and the north east what are you're thoughts on investing in Newcastle and the surrounding areas now this has happened. Thanks
  2. Hi all ... I am a little lost and need a little advice .. I am selling my house with my brother next year in london and we should hopefully walk away with over £350k each and I plan on investing it all in the UK property market and moving abroad my problem is I have no idea on what or where to invest or how to look at areas that are hot and if I should buy studios 1-2-3 bed flats or apartments or houses ... Do you have any advice for me I don't really want to get in any debt so a strategy where I can invest all my money and build up a pot and maybe buy other properties along the way is some
  3. Thank you all for the comments. It looks like there is only one party I can choose... Much appreciated. Andy
  4. Hi All I am looking at buying my second property next summer once all the turmoil of Brexit has died down. My question is who is the best party to vote for ONLY for the sole purpose of buy to lets, other peoples opinions on other matters are none of anyone else's business nor mine this question is purely for the advise regarding who is best to vote for regarding my plans of buying a few properties for a pension in my later years. Hopefully I haven't come across rude in my question :-) Thank's for reading Andy
  5. Thanks all My brother doesn't want to sell so I am trying to work out whats best for us both in the long run Kind regards
  6. Hi All Myself and my brother own a house in London and we have decided that one will live up stairs and one downstairs we are looking at separating the bills so we are not living out of each others pockets we want to know if this is possible and we are looking at rewiring the house also and adjustments will be made if needed in order to help with this... We want to separate water gas and electric meters and the other bills that we cant separate we will get a separate joint bank account. We don't want to turn the house into two flats as in 3-5-10 years we might look at selling
  7. Hi All I have brought a property in London in December 2017 and I am currently doing a loft conversion and an extension at the back of the property to give the house a bigger kitchen .. I am sure I will make a considerable profit out of the house but do I have to live in the property for two years before I sell it for tax reasons or can I sell sooner Thanks Andy
  8. Hi All I spoke with my accountant earlier who informed me once the sale of the house is complete ( will be selling next year )the soundest thing to do is invest in another property and not to leave anything over 70k in my bank account because of the state of the economy he even brought up the bank crisis issues in Greece a few years ago where if you have e.g £250K in your back and the bank goes bust they will take everything and just leave you 50k or 70k so best to invest in a sound property .. Surly the country or banks are not in that bad of a state are they. I am not sure
  9. Hi Richard Thanks for the reply we brought the house last December so I think we will do a loft conversion live in the property for two years and then sell the house and then go our own separate ways as its very complicated having two brothers owning one property and both having different ideas on what we want to do. Thanks Andy
  10. I am also debt free mortgage is paid in full Thanks again Andy
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