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  1. Hi Everyone I am planning to purchase 2-3 buy-to-let properties this year. Income from these will be approx £25000-£30,000 When setting up a limited company, did you have an accountant on board from day 1? Or did you set up the company yourself, do your bookkeeping, then hire an accountant to complete the returns when needed? I have seen different options for limited company accounts. Some companies want you with them all the time paying £xxx per month, while others offer their services for a one-time fee when they are needed. What is the best option to go for in your opinion? Thank you in advance :)
  2. Hello all, This might sound like a crazy question, but is it important to purchase the deeds after you've paid for a property? I've owned the property for a few months, but there's nothing to actually I actually own the property! I imagine very few people actually purchase the official record of deeds, or even bother to check the deeds online, but is it worth it just in case there was some strange anomaly in the purchasing process? Thanks in advance.
  3. Thanks for your reply Derek. Once I get back to the UK, I'll apply for a credit card to build up some history. I have no idea how long this needs to be, but I'll speak to a mortgage adviser soon anyway. Getting a mortgage might take longer than I thought, but I have to do whatever it takes I guess! Anthony.
  4. Hello, I'm currently out of the UK, but I'll be back there in a month or so and I'm looking to buy a few properties. I have a potential problem. I have never had a credit card - I've always saved and paid in cash for everything. I have a student loan debt but no other debts. Does having no credit history affect the amount a mortgage company is willing to lend? Or do they see this as a good thing, depending on how much money you can put down? Some people are advising me to start using a credit card to make purchases just to show some kind of history. Any advice is appreciated.
  5. Thanks for your reply James. This certainly gives me a bit more confidence. I'm out of the country at the moment, but I'm going to talk to a mortgage broker as soon as I get back. What kind of things do these lenders look for? Are they more focused on how much rent the property can make or do they place more weight on salary? I'm just trying to prepare as much as I can in advance. Thanks again. Anthony.
  6. Hello everyone, I'm looking for ideas on how best to start investing. I have a decent amount to invest in BTL properties, but this will be the first house I've purchased and therefore I won't be eligible for a BTL mortgage. This means I can't leverage the loan money and get the most bang for my buck. Do you have any good strategies on what I should do? One idea I have is to buy a cheap BTL property with cash, and maybe then I will be looked upon more favourably by mortgage companies and I'll be able to secure a BTL mortgage with the rest of the cash I have as a deposit. I could then sell the cheap property I bought originally and use the cash as a deposit on another property. I'm just thinking aloud, so any ideas from other members would be great! Thanks.
  7. Hello all, Great to be a part of the community here. I joined this forum after reading Rob's book (among many others) to gain knowledge and share it when I can. I'm currently abroad, but I'm moving back to London in a couple of months, when I plan to start my property investing journey. I'm looking at investing in the north of England for now. My parents have a number of properties, so I have learned a fair bit from them over the years. I look forward to chatting with people here and helping out whenever I can. Anthony.
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