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  1. I don't want to do BTL , I just want to flip, as I said hopefully the franchise that ive invested 5k in will get me a good return and I will get going on flipping some properties haha
  2. Yes, I speak to Darren quite often I just cant wait to get started but currently invested 5k in another franchise that will hopefully give me a bigger pot to start with Fingers crossed
  3. Not yet , I'm sat on the 35k as I'm currently bankrupt, but hopefully only until next month, I'm still looking at properties up north and will be investing asap, I will pm you my number, message me and we can discuss the scary and the fun in our risks haha
  4. Hi all So, as some of you would have read, I've got £35k total to invest, which I obviously know isn't a great deal, my question is, because I may decide to buy at auction, I've signed up to EIG and it has some great information, but if I go and view a number of properties that I would like to offer on do I have surveys done On all of them ? If so what is the rough cost of that ? And also for the solicitors to look at all the lega packs of them ? I run the risk of losing my £35k just in surveys and solicitors fees hahaha any suggestions or advice please ? thank you Stephen
  5. Hi Dean, I'm only starting out but I am going to have to invest about £400 miles from where I live because of the price of the property, I'm only looking to buy to sell though, I'm after the short term return for now until I build up a bigger pot. good luck Stephen
  6. Fantastic mate, seems like you've got your hands full there with those let's hope they return a nice tidy profit,I'm sure they will, you seem to definitely have your head screwed on ive really enjoyed reading your replies mate, thank you so much Stephen
  7. Brilliant, thank you I've read your whole thread, very interesting, hopefully speak soon thank you for your very helpful comments Stephen
  8. Wow, what a amazing response, thank you so much mate, really appreciate it im currently bankrupt so the mortgage is not a option and even though the bankruptcy ends in July I'm sure they won't look favourably on me for a while so the cash route is really the only option for now, so I will have to make do with a slightly lower than £5k profit until I build up a bit more, how many have you done mate ? And what have you earned on them, hope you don't mind me asking, you can email me if you want on : stephen@savastano.co.uk its ok if you don't want to but maybe me speaking to someone would make it clearer, either way I really appreciate your reply and if you want to keep it on here that's fine to thank you you very much Stephen
  9. Hahaha thank you so much i would still love love your opinion on what you think that I should do, go through estate agents and be cheeky and offer a lot less than askin, or go to auction thank you Stephen
  10. I work in IT , have done for 25 years, hopefully not much longer hahaha
  11. Thanks for your reply, you obviously misread my post mate, I've got £35k total, so looking to buy up north for £25/£30k and then sell on after expenses for approx £40k, so no stamp duty or anything like that, hopefully quick flip for a little bit of profit. hope that is more clear anyine else ? many thanks for looking Stephen