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    Richmond, London
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    Multimedia Journalism, Cars! Emissions and fuel economy. I can build websites, shoot and edit video, all the geeky things!
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    I want to be able to build for a self supporting future abroad.
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    Cars! Anything with an engine or processor!
  1. Cheers Donald much appreciated! I spoke to Robert earlier today and told him that you recommended him so expect a discount next time! As you said he was very useful and gave some valuable advice so I'll be sure to refer back to him when the time comes! Thanks again
  2. Thanks for the advice Donald, sounds good to me! Stuart that would be great, same here! It would be really useful to chat to someone in the same boat, if you want to send your number to me at stephen.hayton@hotmail.co.uk we can go from there! Thanks,
  3. Hey all, Does anyone know of any good BTL mortgage brokers in London (SW to be specific)? I'm looking for personal recommendations of anyone who has provided a good service to any of the forum members. Thanks!
  4. Hi all, I'm Steve, currently renting in Richmond, London, but with just enough money for my first place... The fact that I now have a deposit sitting in my account looking at me is beginning to grate, it's as if my money is Nick Clegg in Government. God knows how it got there it or what it's doing but I'd like it to do more than it currently is! So far I've read a couple of books (Including Rob D's Property Investment for beginners) and spoken with a surveyor (aka, Dad). I've also listened to a lot of the property podcasts from the Robs; I know I've listened to a lot because I'
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